Must Watch: Martti Kuoppa ? As It Is

I love surprises on Flatmattersonline, and this new edit from the Boss, Martti Kuoppa caught me by surprise. No hype, just a clean drop and boom! Dedicated to his daughter’s 2nd birthday yesterday.

From the opening steam kick flip crack line with bars regular and backwards you just know this is going to be a serious one.
Martti nowadays concerntrates most of his time coaching others (Terry Adams, Toon Pakphum, Irina Sadovnik) to name a few, but that does not mean he doesn’t devote any time to himself, and he demonstrates that point right here.

Incredible level of riding that few will ever reach, I did call him the Boss many years ago for a reason.

Other highlights for me:

Revisiting his classic xft half hiker pivot to halfpacker hang ten to kick flip to Halfpacker at the 1:14 mark.

2:37: Steam kick flip to hitch! Wow!!!!

And my favourite personally, inside opposite half hiker kick flip to crackpacker, abolsutely amazing! Kickflips are a route not many riders really followed for good reason, MK is one of those dudes that bought kick flips to the forefront in high pressure contests, and in the incredible video parts he has done over the years, including now this one.

Much respect Boss, this made my rainy day so much better!!!

8 thoughts on “Must Watch: Martti Kuoppa ? As It Is

  1. The Boss on duty… Showing tricks that always demand respect in any time period… From 2000 until 2020 kick flips are in the top of Everest… Not many has visit it folks… Effraim is on point on that one…

  2. HOW ??! Coaching , training all these riders , being a business / family man , etc ,etc…………and STILL staying on TOP of his PROGRESSION ……and were talking bout KICK FLIP variation N.B.D.s !! This edit Ive been watching non -stop . I love how its a quick bash over the head / mind of HAMMER TIME style lines ,with ZERO messing about , pure KUOPPA style ! Taking his timeless riding style even further and even MORE complex for 2020 . I remember his interview in that 2001 Ride BMX magazine , the U.S. edition . He talked about one day slowing down his progression……..I KNEW from the level he was at , even back in friggin 1997………. THAT would NEVER happen , haha . Its in his blood to ALWAYS be pushing BMX flatland to its MOST hardcore levels , WITH originality . This edit breathes even more PROGRESSIVE life to the sport in 2020 ! A contender for edit of the year………HELL YEEESSSSSSSS , it is !! Like Giannis said ………Mt. Everest = KICK FLIPS !

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