Must Watch! Moya Welcome Jam, Chiba Japan!

Looks like Moya is having a blast in Japan. And how could you not with such good vibes as this, peep this edit from Jimalog! Amazing riding and vibes from the likes of Moya, Takahiro Ikeda, Takuju Kasahara, Jimalog, Akihiko Takahashi, Naoki Watanabe (Back wheel line at 2:41), and a few others, the riding level is incredible from everybody!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch! Moya Welcome Jam, Chiba Japan!

  1. That spot’s the O.G of Japan!

    I loved jimlogs series of switch @ 4:37

    I see Taka has alot of new moves some Taiko-esque ( your missed man!!)

  2. Super nice edit, insane riding. The vibe looks so good.
    Must be great to be there moya. The japanese riders lookvery kind and welcoming. Hope i can ever make it there with my bike 😉

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