Must Watch: Sean Fontenot / Escapes

I am catching up on edits after a busy summer season at my work, and boy do we get a treat here. Two years in the making, battling countless ACL injuries (reference the 2 ACL supports!) and Sean Fontenot comes through with a beautiful edit with a whole bunch of NBD’s. Sean is one of the most vocal guys in our scene, but he can back it up with incredible bike skills and creativity. Let’s discuss this one in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Must Watch: Sean Fontenot / Escapes

  1. Nose manual and g-turn tactician!!! Love how you slayed so many variations of an already dope trick. Ya just owned it man. So sick to see whats going down in Cali on the beach. Awesome vibes!

  2. That edit is wonderful. What a experience once again with a flatland vid brilliantly edited with hammers and sick original flatland content, combos with nose wheelie and gturn are not a joke
    Thank you so much Mr Fontenot for sharing all that joy (smilish like a dream is priceless) and commitment that seems so deep. So grateful and in love with these core flatland riders pushing it for the love of flatland, i can feel it, thank you!!

  3. This is flatland. So burly. My favorite current US rider.

    Jump to xfoot candy bar is sick. And i like the subtle difficulty of doing nose regular or goofy foot.

    I love that he puts his inspirations in there, and i don’t know how close he was/is to the Flatland Fugitives, but imagine saying to Leo Dumloa that in 2021 you are going to jump to xfoot nose then pinky squeak brakeless and land xfoot on the pedals. Or to Paul Osicka of Dennis Mccoy.

    1000% inspiration. Respect Flatland Freestyle.

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