26 thoughts on “Must Watch! Tim Knoll – Original Bike Tricks

  1. I swear on my life I’m not hating so save the bullshit please.

    But I mean I don’t see how hardcore flat heads can get into this. I mean for fuck sakes the guys physical prowness is uncanny but they’re circus tricks. I mean hes obviously got sick flat skills as you can see with the tail whips and all but I can’t help but think any gymnast with a bit of time on their hands could start flipping off of bikes and all. What he does here is awesome but this is just a year in the gym away from the African guy dancing around the ten speed.

    Once again, not hating, just trying to bring up conversation, chill out.

  2. Best intuitive riding I’ve seen since…….since his last video! 😉

    Such amazing stuff in his repertoire, love it Tim.

  3. Guys, this video hit the top spot on the front page of reddit.com on the lunch hour of a Tuesday. You may be right Jody, although a couple flatland videos have views in the millions through the long tail.

    In any case, It’s gonna see a shit ton of views. If I were Tim I’d monetize that video. Props to Tim for being so creative and sharing with the world.

    My tweet with the reddit screenshot. As of now he’s got upwards of 600 reddit comments and 3000 youtube comments.


    • Great to see Tim riding “out of the box”, I enjoy edits such as these as much as the new school edits of Waldemar, etc smashing it! Tim def haas a creative eye which is awesome to see, I wouldn’t call it gymnastics. Thats the problem, everything is labelled nowadays. Is it flatland? What is it? To me it looks like he’s having a blast on a BMX bike, thats whats great about it!
      @garyflyer – Yes quite possibly!

  4. Pure feeling of freedom in this vid. Bmx? Gym? Both of them? What the **** ! Freedom has no definition, just live it. Tim sure does live his. Props !

  5. awesome skills. everyone has their own opinion on what tim does but its fresh and a break from the norm. i’d just call it freestyling. no rules just a bike some obstacles and plenty of fun.

  6. this is so inspiring…. and Greg… he was a good rider BEFORE he started mixing in the gymnastics. you are old enough to remember the interview with Mat Hoffman talking about getting some gymnastics training when learning back flip fakies..

  7. wow- just watched it again via youtube – almost a million hits in a day. hope he earns some money from the video….

  8. Tom? Tim! Damn iPhone!!! Stoked on it. Especially the bikeflip with foot on the peg. I remember when Gonz first did the hand on the grip ones. Nothing’s really happened with them since then. There’s a lot for me to be stoked on here.

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