22 thoughts on “Must watch! – Tomoaki “B” Yoshimura

  1. didn’t realise scuffing was outlawed its called freestyle for a reason there are no rules somebody arrest me for breaking them haha , top riding from this guy reminds me of Sean Leslie’s “Crow’s Nest” a bit 🙂

  2. i don’t care if he is not being serious people mouth off on here all the time with their opinions and pathetic attempts at sarcasm i was actually having my say never realised segregation was still rife in opinions as well, in the words of Dick Emery Jody “ooooo you are aweful ,but i like you” now thats ironic.And if you don’t know who Dick Emery is look it up duds.

  3. This is sick!!! Great riding style, That last decade, great to see last few months many new decades popping up!

    Ho: I work on a closed dementia center, i dont like your sarcasm, not funny at all.

  4. ace video. great to see a riding video totally different from the rest. scuffing will make a comeback, brakes will eventually make yet to be invented tricks possible. when, who knows? but this video mixes a lot of tricks and style and looks great.

  5. Eriks such a liar these Philedelphia boys always up for a joke ,closed Dementia centre not center theres no such condition its either open or non existent, i should know i’m a Neurologist with a Degree in sarcasm and Tea Making 🙂

  6. And if i was moking people with a mental illness then i would be moking my family on my mothers side who’s mum (my nan) had paranoid schizophenia as well as my Auntie who is sectioned my mother herself suffers a with Mental disorder and my own missis has Epilepsy not a severe as it is treatable so i think i’m pretty clued up with Neurological conditions so if your that over sensitive Erik then i aplogise for using the condition Dementia in a sarcastic tone it defenetely is not meant to offend .

  7. so much originality coming from Japan ! very good edit !

    I’m not liking the first trick so much but i have to give props to the rider for the high originality level, and for the free thinking mentality because this is what is driving flatland creativity.

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