Must Watch: Varo Hernandez / Spanish Flatland Talent

I said it before when Varo Hernandez dropped his Flatmattersonline exclusive, Varo is a rider on the rise.
Varo’s riding continues to go up many levels, so smooth and precise. The whole edit is so well constructed, the Corona Virus graphic mid edit is an awesome touch.
Must Watch edits are of course about the riding for the most part, and some of the highlights are:

00:38: Hang 10 pivot/bodyvarial to x-foot crackpacker flip out without laying the bike down!

1:24: Opposite inside switch-b to updside down mega spin line.

2:27: Hang 5 steam to opposite carved half hiker body varial to xft halfpacker line.

This edit is all about the whole package, props to Varo for the riding and Rafael Blvck for the filming and editing. Hit play on this one right now….

6 thoughts on “Must Watch: Varo Hernandez / Spanish Flatland Talent

  1. I see a lot of Kevin and Chase in his riding. I wonder if he even knows who those guys are and is familiar with their riding or did he just come up with it on his own. Either way, he is damn good!

    • It’s kind of hard to do anything good in terms of flatland without Kevin and Chase being somehow a part of it, but overall I’d say that Varo is doing a mixture of what feels good and tricks that other riders overlook.

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