New Viki Gomez Orbea Frame?!

Yesterday I caught this shot of Viki on board a new frame by Orbea on Instagram. Yesterday I sent Viki a message to find more details, but haven’t heard back yet. So for now, there are a few questions.

Whats up with Fenix? No more?
Viki riding for Orbea, or just designing products for them?
What are the specs?

Stay tuned for details soon!

5 thoughts on “New Viki Gomez Orbea Frame?!

  1. Yes the same Orbea. I love Orbea MTB cross country frames awsome! If they start to produce flat bmx frames, with Viki’s input, I think it can’t go wrong. But what’s up with Fenix now?…… Looking forward for answers soon

  2. hopefully they will offer a frame alittle more affordable than fenix. dropping 400+ for a non custom frame in this economy hurts.

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