Oklahoma BS Series 1994

Just one post today, and its an awesome flashback to 1994! And the Oklahoma BS Series at Hoffman’s warehouse, so much good riding from the likes of Jay Miron, Andrew Arroyo, James White, Trevor Meyer, Day Smith, Steve Roy, Sean McKinney, Albert Retey and many more. I really enjoyed this one and you might do too.

9 thoughts on “Oklahoma BS Series 1994

  1. In an era where there was no X-games, very little TV coverage, and no internet, where did all the riders attending this event come from? Are most of them from the boom in the 80s?

    • @Bobby – good point. oklahoma is pretty central, ads in the magazines, contests were a chance to see the best riders without waiting a year for Baco or Dorkin? Also the BS contests had park and vert included, good to see Miron in the mix here. Skills!

  2. This was at a time when you would assemble your crew and pile in your dads 1985 Impala with the bikes hanging halfway out the trunk. There was never really an afterparty because a lot of us weren’t old enough to drink so we would ride in the hotel parking lot all night and try to hit on the locals at the Waffle House. Ahhhh memories….

  3. Never knew Jay Mirron was such a great flatland rider.He is soooo Rad on vert and street and park,just never knew.It’s like when I heard Jimi Hendrix bust out neo-classical licks at the end of the Woodstock show 30 yrs before Yngwie Malmsteen…lol.”Where the heelll did that come from!?!?..OLE’!!!”

  4. It’s wild to see footage just now for the first time of contests I’d only been able to read about in Ride BMX decades ago. So many legends in the mix… Seriously, can someone please get a Drew Arroyo interview in? Really would like to know what he’s up to…

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