Old School Sundays – AFA Masters Ohio 1988 / R.I.P Park Carter

This week the sad news, Park Carter had passed away broke all over social media. Park was way ahead of the time during the 80’s with his riding, and what he brought to the table. I hit up Todd Carter for any Park Carter to do a dedication to the man, and he came back with this absolute gem from the archives, that features an amazing run from Park Carter at the 18:31 mark, and also so much other good footage to boot from the likes of Danny Meng, Ruben Castillo, Bill Neumann, and many many more. Go watch that run from Park, amazing!

R.I.P Park Carter.

4 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – AFA Masters Ohio 1988 / R.I.P Park Carter

    • We never got to see enough Park Carter footage, love the backwards peg boomerang to elephant glide, so many little details in this run. Amazing talent! R.I.P Park…

  1. Amazing run from Park. I was always a fan of his riding. RIP.

    Great to see footage from this contest as well. It’s like the photo’s from Freestylin’ have come to life.

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