Episode 48: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Stephen Hearn


We are back on track with the Flatmattersonline exclusives and closing in on 50 episodes… No one better to get this back on track than Stephen Hearn. One of my favourite riders, if you aaren’t familiar with the name.
Check this video part from Create filmed in 2006 (link below), in my opinion one of the best video parts ever. Stephen does not mess around when it comes to trick choice and right here for episode 48 fires out a smooth half hiker around the world back to half hiker and pivots into an opposite xft halfpacker, like I said before not an easy trick/line selection and Stephen makes it look easy.

Enough of my rambling, go watch and show some love. Thanks Stephen for taking the time to contribute.

Who’s got episode 49, dropping Sunday…..


6 thoughts on “Episode 48: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Stephen Hearn

  1. loving the momentum you created E, so so glad to witness that! Respect!!

    also, Gary F, if you read this, please make my day with one contribution, you are one of the favorite riders of some of us, I am sure you got stuffs to show!!

  2. One of the HAMMER rolling combo gurus ……..STOKED to see him unleash , for the 48th exclusive ! A.T.W.s are crazy hard enough by themselves……..adding the X-LEG half packer , via half hiker to it……THATS mental , TIMES 7. Im loving all these F.I.S.E. Honor finalist entries ,in EVERY class ! Wild thing is………..Hearn could take lines from his 2006 CREATE video part ……and seriously coulda EASILY made that cut , NO JOKE . If were talking about degree of DIFFICULTY …..its obvious , haha……whats up , Jody ?! Glad you filmed this ! ATHENS BMX FAMILY 2020 !

  3. That’s beautiful man. This is the ray of sunshine and the good dope vibes we all need. Thanks to all involved who put this out. Made the week awesome on another level. Wooooot!

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