Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

This week we go back to 1987, and pivotal moment in the history of flatland. Kevin Jones and his AFA Masters run in 19 & Over Expert from Austin, Texas dropping the puppet, the crank-a-roni, elephant glide and gliding locomotive in his run , not to mention the way the run is linked together. Game changer!

12 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

  1. This run is responsible for modern day flatland.. The only time in history of flatland that a rider was 100 times better than the rest of the riders. The next AFA contest rider were already emulating Kevin Jones tricks. It was amazing that this guy imagined and then learned these tricks. I often wondered if this guy was from outer space. One day I called Kevin on the phone after he invented the hitchhiker and his attitude was like it’s not a big deal.

    • You just took these words out of my mouth MJ…. Well said. Nothing but respect for the K…. My riding these days is inspired by the man who invented the hitchhiker…. It seems a big deal 30 years later huh??

      • Big deal indeed. Back in the day most flatlanders did hang five with left foot on peg but today I notice more riders use the right peg. Can someone explain this?

  2. Maybe it’s because nowadays whiplash is a normal next trick to connect after the hang 5. Back in the day when I got the hang 5 dialed the next move was the squeaker… Flatland has changed over the years but only outside…. Inside nothing has changed since The K invented almost everything…. His impact is deep in the core of every flatlander worldwide… It’s obvious. Long live the K…

    • That makes a lot of sense about the hang5. I always wondered how his brain works. I would love to read a new Kevin Jones interview. The locomotive was crazy how he thought to sit on the handlebars. I’m guessing he got inspiration from the backyard for that trick. What trick is your all-time favorite Kevin Jones creation.

      • From all the crazy stuff Kevin has made… Hang 5,hitchhiker,backpacker,elephant glide, elbow glide, timemashine, death truck, crankaroni, caboose, lard yard, trolley and so on….. I think the locomotive glide that he’s coasting is the most impressive and the Era he pulled it in contests was outstanding… But personally the tricks that had the most impact on my riding are the hitchhiker and the backpacker…. I’m still learning nowadays new variations of these tricks, it’s fascinating! Yesterday I saw a photo from the 2019 York jam of Kevin on a yellow Big daddy and Mark Eaton on a green one, both still active on flatland and Kevin looked like in a really good shape…. Motivation at least to say….

    • Cheers r! You know… Flatland is a weird sport…. The men who deserve credits, they don’t get that much…. Or they never get. Kevin is on top of that….. 99,9 percent of the flatlanders are using Kevin’s tricks but they barely give any plaudits to the man in interviews or comments in social media…. No matter what I will never stop giving credits and respect to the K for what I am as a flatlander in this present…..

      • humm the way i see it here is that’s a mistake on the website so i don’t know why you explain that here
        have a nice and beautiful day Giannis!!

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