Episode 64: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Gabriel Alves Gomes


I love surprises at Flatmattersonline HQ, when it comes to exclusives. A new face to me, Gabriel Alves Gomes comes through with a banger for episode 64!
From the smooth execution on the hand scuff backyard to the no-handed gliding lard yard/gerator/dick trick (whatever you care to call it), and sealing the deal with a steep brakeless smith decade. The exit is so important in flatland, and can really finish off a nice line, and turn into a great line.
The brakeless smith when executed properly is a real riders trick, separating the men from the boys, and Gabriel out of Brazil certainly stomped his authority on this clip. Super stoked!

Thanks Gabriel for contributing, look forward to seeing more from the Brazilian shredder.
Episode 65 will drop on Wednesday, hold tight!

6 thoughts on “Episode 64: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Gabriel Alves Gomes

  1. What a rad link! The functional hand scuff generating noticable momentum is so cool to see done that nicely. Really picked up speed and kept it smooth. Beast mode smith for an ender to further blow minds!? Mad skills for sure. Stoked for next session! Props brother!

    • Thats what it’s all about, these clips inspire others and push the rider. What could be better, I was thinking the same when watching the clip as went online, the speed he gets must be so difficult.

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