One Love Pre Jam – San Francisco / LA trip Part 3

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was a good day, we arrived the night before to Robert Castillo’s house in Corina, California.After a nights sleep it was time head out to Long Beach, Corona to Long beach is around an hours drive. LA traffic which can be horrific, we hit up a In and Out Burger joint just round the corner from the jam. The spot looked familiar and sure enough I had been to this burger place before. Must have been like 9-10 years ago, funny how your memory can jog in an second.

As we showed up at the Marina spot, there were already around 20 riders at the spot. The long beach marina is a huge spot, and ideal for hosting so many riders. You can session all over the parking lot without getting in anyones way. Temperature was around 62 degrees, absolutely loving riding in a t-shirt in January.

Riders turning up all day, so great to see faces I haven’t seen in years. By the end of the day, we counted 50 riders at the marina riding spot. Check out the photos, such a good vibe here. Props to Darin Wright for organising the event and getting everyone together, amazing to see so many riders and it’s not even the jam yet.

After five or so hours, we headed back to Corona and hung out chatting shit, Robert made us dinner and we had a few beers, topped off a banging day. This trip has already been amazing for me, and today it is the One Love jam. So many different styles in one riding spot with amazing rider from the likes of Pete Brandt, Ahmed Johnston, Bo Wade, Scott Hagnas, Dylan Worsley and so many more, sure there will be plenty of video coverage shortly so stay tuned for that.

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