Paul Chamberlain – Scraps

Nowadays ex-UK resident Paul Chamberlain is riding for S&M in sunny Australia. And by the looks of it having the time of his life, flat, street, park, trails, its all here. Love the variety in this edit! His scraps are rather good.

17 thoughts on “Paul Chamberlain – Scraps

  1. I’ve got a deep respect for riders that have that slow smooth precision flatland. Dane would be my #1 example of this style, so opposite to the way most riders are spinning and turbining. It seems that the best way to express your comfort zone on your bike is by doing things slow and smooth, and it shows here.

    Great edit/riding, great music 🙂

  2. Love that edit. I still don’t understand how this dude rides with a straight back brake cable! Nothing against it – I just don’t understand!

  3. Those trails are ridiculous. The fact that I could ride then shows how dialled they are.

    Thanks for the comments guys. I’ve ditched the fanny, but I’m still all about the helmet Trev!

    About the straight cable. I really love it for three reasons.

    1) It forces me to think about how I will wind it up and unwind it as the combo progresses. If it land with cable wound it up it’s unfinished in my head. Like landing with the bars backwards or not getting to the pedals etc.

    2) It forces me to not do multiples. If I’m brakeless I’ll just do a lot of whiplashes.

    3) I don’t like headset spacers because you get more play and your headsets don’t last very long. So, I can’t have a gyro.

  4. Great edit Paul!
    The riding, music and that smooth style which flows like cold
    cider on a hot summers day.
    You make those combos look easy but they are freakin hard…respect man!

  5. Ben! Good to have you back. You’re a member of the online community now too?!?!?!?!?!? Crazy! Thanks for the words.

    Mannie, you’re one of the most interesting young riders out there, so your comment means a lot too.


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