Paula Hesser & Irina Sadovnik launch FlatQueens!

Great news for the ladies out there shredding world-wide. The female flatland community is a growing, and Paula Hesser and the 2 x UCI World Champion Irina Sadovnik have combined to launch “FlatQueens”, a ladies online competition.

Irina got in contact and had this to say:

Registration deadline 15th of August

Deadline round 1: 30th of August
Deadline round 2: 25th of September
Each run 1:45 min (editing is allowed)
First ever BMX Flatland Ladies Online Competition from women for women and girls.
Pro, Am and New generation (<14yrs) classes available. 4 female judges, 2 male judges Prizes for top 3 riders of each category, plus 1 wild card prize package for each category. Go check the website for more details:

3 thoughts on “Paula Hesser & Irina Sadovnik launch FlatQueens!

  1. WOW ! This is dope , recently seeing all the talent , and high level riding within all of the A.F.A. Dream Run , U.F.L. online competitions …….AND Irina ‘s U.C.I. success , Paula’s riding career success , also……..THIS is a VERY great thing . Women are SLLLAAMMMING DOWN some SERIOUS lines , tricks today as much as they always have in the 70s , 80s ! Krys Dauchy , Lilly Yokoi , to name a few . ( PEEP GAME ! ) Can’t wait to see even riders like Irias , from HERE in San Antonio even , or Bri Welch and all the woman riders in Japan take part and drop some HAMMER links on their bikes in this ! Mad respect to ALL of them !

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