2 thoughts on “Project Badass Volume I Flatland

  1. THANK YOU BRANDON GALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are my riding homies from SAN ANTO TEXAS !!!!!!! Props to BOBBY BURGE , CESAR RANGEL AND ED JODIE !!!!!!!!! Ed lives in Austin , buuuuuuuuuuuuut hes still fam as far as Im concerned !!!!!!!!! RAD EDIT , MULTIPLE STYLES EQUALS , WIN !!!!!!! Also RAD turbine crack ,Brandon !!!! Cesar got his time AND lung spin in the SAME combo !!!! Hes been working on that , nailed it for your camera !!!! Bobby got his elbow turbine , oppy elbow , plus peg to jamcade too !!!!!!! So STOKED ON THIS !!!!!!!!!! Mr, Jodie , half ,pass to side pack , pedal hold style line- FULL STOP TOO !!!!! Nailed his NEW oppy steam , butter slip crack , step over to half pack combo !!!!!!!!!!!! RAD EDIT !!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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