Ramon Lopez: Adios 2022

Getting back to normal after the 14 years of Flatmattersonline celebrations, Puerto Rico’s Ramon Lopez just sent in this awesome “Adios 2022” edit full of hard classic flatland moves. Multiple brakeless whiplashes, check, no handed hang 5’s mid line, check, backwards brakeless whiplashes, and so much more. Good stuff Ramon, it’s been great to follow Ramon’s riding through the years running the site!!

8 thoughts on “Ramon Lopez: Adios 2022

  1. One of Ramon’s best edits. The riding technicality is impressive, as usual. The music delivers a message about our nation’s (PR) political call for sovereignty.

    Ramon is a BMX flatlander with over 40 years of riding experience. Since a young age he created a ‘zine promoting the local sabe to which I had the privilege of Co Edit – Control ‘Zine. He continued his mission on islaflat blog and still showing the island’s scene thru videos and participating in events such a Voodoo Jam, York Jam and others.

  2. Opposite whiplash , bar small… to hang five to messiah , slipped to cliffhanger . G-strings and whiplashes on lock in lines . I can watch Ramon’s smooth rolling freestyled lines all day . Still progressing since the night I met when he was here in San Anto with Diego Tejada and had a riding session with all of us , two weeks before Flatland Voodoo Jam 2007 . Salud , Campeon . The cross fire haul rebates were rad as well ….always progressing , always ripping !

  3. It’s a privilege to have my edit reviewed by you, my dear friend Rodney. Very few people in the flatland community have the eye and the thorough knowledge you possess to point the relevance and value of a riders moves. Thank you so much brother! Btw- that session with Julio Cotto and Diego Tejada in San Antonio was on August 2008 .

    • Funny , a hour after I left this comment……I realized it WAS 2008 because that’s when you were riding the purple K.H.E. frame , white bars, doing back yards to double footed back yard rolls . Instead of dropping it down , climbing back over to a smoothie in this edit . ( I’m digging that . Remind me of a Chris Ketchum type exit ! ) You would pivot / stubble exit that night we had a session ….I stand corrected , sir , ha….and you’re so welcome , bruv . Cats like yourself , Michelle Maiolani , Stephane Kornely , and J.F.B……all yall just ooze through liquid flowing rolling lines that really stoke me. When riders are truly busting out ….it really sticks in my mind and MAKES it easy to study and analyze their tricks , lines . Keep slamming , Ramon…….

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