Must Watch: Alexis Desolneux / Battles

I’ve always wondered what would happen if a street rider really started bringing flatland tech to the streets. I’m not talking about just dropping a hang five on a ledge spot, I am talking about digging deeper and creating original flatland lines that have never been done.
Alexis Desolneux is that dude, a true artist that continually does his thing in BMX and this edit goes so hard.
There is so much groundbreaking stuff in this, the filming is awesome and the soundtrack fits like a glove (the opening where the music kicked in on the Luc-e grind line gave me goosebumps. And the ender wow, the street world and BMX world need to teach this one!

Tre’ fucking Bien Alexis!

9 thoughts on “Must Watch: Alexis Desolneux / Battles

  1. So sick, my faves are the one at 2:15, the one after it, and the last three. So crazy xfoot whiplashes after bunnyhop to xfoot front peg nose manual.

    I think Mark Eaton once said he rode street in Dorkin videos because they needed a street guy. I imagine Alexis rides street because he wants to, but this video reminded me of that, and how unique every rider on Heresy is but somehow a unified team.

  2. I love this and have been vibing on it . The FIRST to do hang five grinds in late 1998 ! Alexis has accomplished tons in flatland . Every time era , every style…….now his original flatland-street hybrid flavor is just Ruling . Luc-E to hang five grind. Hop over 50-50s on rails. Big gaps .Fakie to backwards hang five to G-string , back to backwards hang five. Can -can hang five grind to fakie . Messiah grind. Hop over hang five grind , etc ….I’m loving his progression. Had the pleasure of meeting and having a long chat about BMX , bands , and his career in BMX , Heresy BMX bikes and more . I had just finished my prelim run @ Flatland Vodoo Jam , 2017 and Alexis was judging . I rushed to the lounge to meet him . He was SO cool. Stoked to have finally met him. Been a fan since he rode brakes ….BOTH brakes , ha…plus he loves a band I love , Entombed. We debated over their best album . He’s wearing shirts of the bands ,Nails and Entombed in this edit ! I love that the music is turned up LOUD in this edit ,too…another new band for me to check out . Fun fact……the morning before the contest everyone was half asleep ,eating breakfast in the hotel lobby . I asked Alexis if he was gonna eat with all of us. He had his bike with him and said ” No , there’s a skatepark somewhere around here and I’m going for a pedal around town to find it , get in some street riding ! ” Gotta love the dude….

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