Rest in Peace: Andrew Wickham.

Sad news broke yesterday that Andrew Wickham has passed away. Another flatland lifer gone way too soon, Andrew was infamous in our community for his online trolling.

However, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew a few times at Battle in the Rockies and he was one hell of a rider. Many of you might remember his video parts on Dane Beardsley’s video projects.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Rest in peace Andrew.

10 thoughts on “Rest in Peace: Andrew Wickham.

  1. Very bummed to hear about this…..I was shocked when Sean Porter informed me . Got to know Andrew a lil bit through F.B. . He was definitely a funny cat with a wild sense of humor . Really bummed that I didn’t get the chance to ride bikes/ meet him in person . He was also a very skilled rider . SEAT stance turn buckets , Switzerland rocket walks to turn buckets , etc ….having recently watched him in the B.I.T.R. contest live stream in practice and the contest I can see even with his jokingly , not serious mentality……he was STILL on top of his riding level / game and I even saw stuff that I didn’t even realize that he had in his trick bag . He was an original rider and again…..a SKILLED one . His section in S.T.D. part 3 STILL rules…..TODAY . It was rad knowing him , if even just a lil bit…….r.i.p. , Andrew .

  2. RIP! I was not familiar with Andrew but he looks like he understood the essence of flatland community. Love the decades with the dog in the backpack.

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