The Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners 2021 Are…….

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards, as well as show some love to the nominees….

It’s a labour of love putting this together, after two weeks filming, capturing, and editing, the show is finally is done!

If you are unfamiliar with the awards, there are 5 categories in both editorial and reader choice. I made a few changes this year, adding Female Rider of the Year + Brand of the Year to the awards.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, and congratulations to all the winners and nominees, tune into the Year end awards show to find out who won in each category!

Grab a Cuppa and I Hope you enjoy the show!

Flatmatters / Effraim Catlow.

22 thoughts on “The Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners 2021 Are…….

  1. I really enjoyed that, many thanks for all the hard work that’s clearly gone into it. The commentary edited over the clips is a pleasure to watch and works really in highlighting the key points made for each category, great job.

  2. If I could offer some constructive criticism: I did not vote because I honestly, couldn’t remember everything that I have seen over the past year. I know its extra work and, this is a labor of love, but if the video clips you used in this montage were available as say, a five pack posting of vids prior to voting closing, it would help give us something to see to jog our memories of what happened in the year. I simply haven’t had the time to go scrolling through every post. So maybe, next year build the list of contender videos and repost them for each award and then you will likely get more input because people will be able to effortlessly re-watch them before deciding. Again, I know it’s extra unpaid work for you but I’m just being honest about why I did not participate. I don’t have time to do that kind of search so having say a five stack of videos posted at a time makes the job of evaluating/comparing them much easier and much more engaging. But either way, I think it turned out good and I likely would have made several of the same choices made here. And honestly, thanks for doing it at all, you put the most work in to giving us a community hub of activity that keeps us connected through trying times and you have my respect and gratitude for that.

    • same thing here
      And I think next year my lazy ass will use the search button to look for the “MUST WATCH” words and that might help me to participate in voting

      • Hhahaha thanks Renaud!
        Normally it takes me longer, 2021 was not a long time picking nominations to be honest. But I appreciate everyone is different and where I am running the site its a little different for me perhaps.

      • I appreciate you man! I hope I didn’t come off like some sort of know-it-all who doesn’t actually know how hard it is and how much time you have to invest already. Much respect man!

        • Thanks Brandon! And your feedback is valuable!!! Thanks a lot for sharing, yes correct so much time. The feedback has been well worth all the work, and ultimately if it gets riders stoked thats what its all about!

  3. In the first of June of 2021,my brother from another mother,King Rodney Williams pulled a 2 hour front wheel combo which is a NDB achivement and definetly a world recond…That alone deserves a trophy as a highlight for this past year…..Who agrees with me???

    • Giannis …….WOW , I’m seriously honored , floored that you feel this way about my combo …..THANK YOU , BMX King of Greece ! I’ve looked up and considered you one of the top 10 Elite riders in Flatland’s HISTORY ….especially after the 90 episode of your Freestyler series , haha….I was like ” DAMN , THIS cat can do it ALL …TOTAL bike mastery , following EXACTLY the way that Kevin , Chase , approached Flatland……learn EVERYTHING , both wheels , ALL tricks , variations , combos , brakes / brakeless , kick flips , decades , X-leg , switch , EVERY -ANYTHING !! ” I’ve rambled on and on and on in the comments section of your videos on this site that you must of thought I was crazy , haha…I AM crazy about your bike riding skills , haha…I truly respect , admire ORIGINALITY within the sport , also…….that is why I KNOW you’re in that top 10 ELITE group of riders !!

      • I REALLY appreciate your nomination for my combo , G ! I REALLY prayed , tried hard to get that 2 hour combo done . Honestly … was all Jesus’s orchestration , felt like I was on ” auto pilot ” , just let him freestyle the entire combo , no joke , man……..watching a lot of Jason Brown , r.i.p. ( the long combos O.G. of the sport , circa 1995 !! ) , that also really inspired me . Along with a phone conversation with Terry Adams / Martti Kuoppa , Martti asking me ” how long of a combo would you be stoked on ? ” I said 2 hours , haha…Then I tried for a couple months before finally doing it , haha. I’m again REALLY stoked you saying it was an N.B.D. and it deserved a trophy , nomination . and commenting who agrees with you ! I’m STOKED , TIMES 7 on your comment , G !! I actually and VERY sketchily , hahaha…….pulled a hour and a half combo recently , STOKED on your comment , and getting ALOT of assistance from JESUS …that was dope ……man …..when your heros give ya some props ( YOU ! ) , it REALLY STOKES ya…..thank you , again , Giannis and I REALLY look forward to the next Freestyler # 118 , or your session with you / Sakis ! Love ya , BMX King of Greece !!

        • There are times when something in flatland is so magnificent that you say:even Martti would be stoked on this!Hahaha!Wish i could see his face when you replied about the 2 hour combo!hehe!!Thank to Jesus ive done a lot of things reality in my life…Freestyler series is made because of Jesus and i can feel that impact you feel on your riding campeon…Freestyler #118 is coming close,stay tuned amigo…but i dont think you will watch it here my brother and i dont know why…and yes i filmed the session with sakis,i will post that too…really fun times hermano!!God bless you King Rodney,you rule on and off your bike….

      • Feeling really humbled by your words hermano….and getting that recognition by a flatlander of your class with HUGE abilities on a bmx bike and sooooo long combos is something that tastes this recognition even sweeter…I wish i could reach your level cabrone sometime in the future…in fact,i could pay lots of money in order to pull 2 hour combos,hehe!!Everything you typed is true…Kevin and Chase are my flatland gods….all my achivements in riding are made because of them…and dont worry my brother,im also crazy about your bike riding skills,just like you!!….also…..admiring the originality on my riding is beyond belief.How many can truthfully say that???

  4. Wow didn´t know Takato and Ren (sp?). So cool.

    Cool that Julian and Louise are from the same school. That slab of concrete Leticia Moda rides at isn´t exactly a school, but that is such a sick crew that rides there she gonna get rad riding there.

    Awesome and always cool insight. Thanks Effraim!

    • BZ , THANK YOU ! That means a lot coming from you ! Being the rolling , pivoting , turbine Jedi that you are repping that new school flavor …..I’m beyond stoked on your props for that combo ! Ya do know WHO really inspired me besides , Effraim , Andrew Arroyo to chase ,attempt long combos , huh ??? The one and only , one of the O.G. , LEGENDS , GURUS of Flatland, from the GREAT Maple leaf HARDCORE , PROGRESSIVE Flatland scene of your home base………JASON BROWN , r.i.p. ! After seeing his combo in his video ,called 5 Combos in late 1998……I was in awe , stoked , bugged out , inspired , and motivated like crazy to ride like THAT . I instantly started the relentless chase to try and bust a combo as long as his in that video !! I’ve been inspired by Jason ever since that day . CANADA has ALWAYS produced some of the most talented , progressive riders …….STEVE ROY , JAMIE MCCINTOSH , STEPHANE ROYER , CORY STRATYCHUK , DAN RIGBY , GREG AXFORD , ANDREW FARRIS ,etc ,etc…..and NOW it brings forth the new school of SHREDDERS like YOU , BZ ! Much love , respect to ya , BZ and the GREAT Maple leaf Flatland scene ……past , present and future !

  5. Big-E ! Loved this year’s video presentation . It was SLLLAMMMMMED DOWN . Honestly , I love that it was a long video , wish it were even longer . Your honest , informative commentary said with every video clip was rad and a cool thing to do, TIMES 7. You really peep gamed the entire year ,covering EVERYTHING …great job , E ! The level of Flatland was beyond aggro and is so damn motivating and just makes ya wanna session HARD . THANK YOU , again , E ! I really look forward to these awards every year . Congrats to all riders , brands , etc ,etc… many MENTAL lines, tricks and variations being pulled , created in the sport ….by SO many riders of all ages . Seems like Flatland has just gone ham in 2021 ! FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM is a HUGE part of this . After all …..this site IS the life line , connecter , and GLOBAL informer of Flatland BMX….we all honestly can’t thank you enough , Effraim . You rule , bruv……..also , cant wait for your upcoming edit ! Pressure flipping , X-leg rolling , and cowboy flipping extravaganza is what I’m eagerly hoping for !

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