One Love Jam 2022

#OneLoveJam2022 from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

Not even a tsunami warning could stop the 2022 One Love Jam, and Darin Wright came through with this awesome edit showcasing some of the riding that went down in Newport Beach, California. Don’t miss this one!

3 thoughts on “One Love Jam 2022

  1. Was patiently waiting for this to drop ! Bobby Burge peep gamed to me that THIS jam is a MUST attend event , even just once for any rider . He said the spot is huge , everyone is going off on their bikes , and the energy , vibe are on point ! I say ” Im going this year ! ” , haha….and repeat that every single year …..I need to get my wack ass there , haha…these cats in this edit laid down some dope lines , so much flavor / variety……JOEL MOODY in da house ! I swear he rode a lil bit of Flat for less than a year and got GOOD . His style is so intense mixing turbine , rolling , cabs and just cooking up one tasty blend of hybrid flat -street power combos ! Thank you , Darin for the invites , another SLLLAMMMMED edit of some of the action and throwing this epic event year after year …….after year ! When Bobby Burge speaks …….I listen !

    • Yes Rodney!

      Definitely one of the best jams in the flatland game, there is a great mix of all levels of riding even Old School heads too. Can’t beat that Cali weather in January either.

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