Episode 79: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Effraim Catlow

After two weeks filming/editing the awards last Sunday I went out for a session right after presenting the Flatmattersonline Year End awards and had a feel good session where everything on the bike felt good.
I had a new idea whilst I was enjoying the session, and as I got nearer to hitting the line I decided to put the phone down and capture it and hopefully get the FM exclusives rolling again.
I have been messing with forward ankle buster variations for a while now, and happy to tick this Fire hydrant turbine to forwards ankle buster rebate off the list. Some good motivation for me now I have some more free time after the awards.

Let’s get these exclusives rolling again, next exclusive drops on Wednesday.

To Document, Share and Progress!

12 thoughts on “Episode 79: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Effraim Catlow

  1. Who better to SLLLAAAMMM DOWN the re-up to the exclusives than YOU , Big- E ??! I’m am stoked on this ! Glass smooth line with a fresh , technical , and steezy twist on ankle busters . …..it looks rad just rolling it on the pedal , step / switching to rear peg ,smoothie exit. Buttery ,kickless , flowed fire haul to start …..that ruled also . So good you being motivated , bringing the new moves, lines out after such a rad 2021 awards video / presentation . Big-E …EXCLUSIVE # 79 ! Hope this starts the video clips rolling frequently again…….

    • Thanks Rodney! Happy to be back progressing once again after the awards, I got another new one last night. On my instagram, if you wish to take a look. Episode 80 drops Wednesday by the way….

      • I’ll peep game on that E ! I too and stoked you’re back in progression mode . Actually you’ve been progressing since steadily since 1991 , haha….having watched , found some videos of you from 1992 , 2006, 2000, 1998 , 1994…….I must say ……you’ve built up skills sets , moved on , built more , moved on , etc ,etc. You and Peter Zobolski from Budapest ,I’ve really been peep gaming ya’lls riding recently , even on older D.V.D.s . I’ll be on the look out for # 81 !

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