Chimera A Side: Top 5 Ranked

Great edit featuring the top 5 ranked in Chimera A Side series, with the likes of Takahiro Ikeda, Yu Shoji, Ryo Katagiri (that ice cream pivot move at 2:25 is beautiful!), Hiroya Morizaki, and the winner Yu Katagiri (look out for his line of the year move once again!

Amazing skills from the Japanese scene, well worth a watch!

3 thoughts on “Chimera A Side: Top 5 Ranked

  1. Good pick , E ! Thank you for peep gaming Yu’s line again . That line @ 5.15 ………..bruuuuuv , I was like ” Was that a 360 let me rewind , wait ,was it ?! …Oh damn , damn , damn…he just 360 bike flipped to START his crazy combo ! ” He could just rode out without even linking after the 360 bike flip , haha….like fully rode out , chucked his bike into that canopy , threw his hat , shouted ” That’s right , FIRST place ! ” . Hahaha…. I’m joking ….that’s what’s so cool about all the Japanese riders. Even at the level that they have ALWAYS been at and STILL are at ,….RAPIDLY progressing the sport…..they’re VERY , VERY humble about all of it . Yu’s combo will be dope / relevant in 2042 ……no b.s. !

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