Bruno Zebu: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 22

I’m a little late to the party on this, as this dropped whilst I was super busy with the Year end FM awards. This episode it’s time for Brazilian shredder, Bruno Zebu! This is a good one, you do want to miss….

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4 thoughts on “Bruno Zebu: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 22

  1. So good! So humble!

    I think if you´re sponsors are Dylan Worsley, Aaron Frost, and Pete Brandt these are like the most amazing sponsors you could have respect and level wise.

    And I don´t think any world level contest cannot call itself a world level contest without the participation of the Brazilians. At a national level they are after the Japanese and at least on par with the French.

    Mad respect! Ride til 90 years old.

  2. Thank you Hang five podcast ! Rad pick for another great conversation …Maaann , his level of combos in the A.M. ??! Wow , dude ….Bruno is so clean , smooth whilst in X-leg rolling positions , switch turbine rolling pivots , and bar twitches that you really have to remember to yourself ” All that sh-t is HAAARRD ! ” , haha…..being humble makes him that much more rad . His A.F.A. dream run is STILL aggro as hell ……

  3. Another banger interview!!! The hang 5 podcast continually brings it. I’ve admired and looked up to Bruno’s riding for more than a minute now. The man’s always on point! Flow, style, technicality, yup! Check check check! Amazing stuff as always.

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