Episode 80: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Mickey Gaidos

Hello everyone!

As promised, it is time for Episode 80 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives! Today we have a belter from Mickey Gaidos out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mickey throws down an amazing teakettle jump to spinning hitch line that just keeps building, and ends in a s super dope spinning Circle k to half bar flip Karl out! Filmed at his home riding spot by Terry Adams, I love Mickey’s energy in this when he hollers “Flatmatters”.

Thank you Mickey for contributing and Terry for filming, super dope!!

The clips keep building, and another clip is ready for episode 81 on Sunday… After that I am dry on clips, so if you are at home and wish to feature on the site. Drop me a message and let’s fire these exclusives out to the magic 100!

**Mickey however ignored two rules of the exclusives, there is music from New Order (I’m not making any money out of this YouTube I promise) and the video is filmed Portrait not landscape. Rules are made to be broken I guess, and it’s freestyle!

11 thoughts on “Episode 80: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Mickey Gaidos

  1. SLLLAMMMMED cross tea kettle turbine …leap / transition to spinning hiker ! N.B.D. ? I think so…..he’s gotta name it now , haha…….I also love his switch hand steam flip to crack packer , steam ,butter slip around to side packer ! Mickey’s lines are so damn solid , quick and seezzzzzzed ! Thank you , Mickey / Terry for lacing up # 80 ….Mickey came back into the game swinging like Tyson . I’ve enjoyed every second of it …SOUTH RIDAZZZZ ….

      • You’re welcome Mickey ! Can’t freaking believe the level you’re at with your riding . Hanging n banging VIDEO PARTS , Insta clips , Flatopia edits , numerous heavy contest , and SLLLLAMMMMING your combos all across social media . I’m SO stoked for you , bruv. Terry and you together pushing each other is like Jason Brown , r.i.p. and Andrew Farris pushing each other all in 1996 , showing up @ the South Padre X-Trials……and RULING the tennis courts together. EXACTLY how Terry and you showed up and ruled B.I.T.R. 2022 ! WITH O.G. Troy Herbert back busting out his stylz ! SOUTH RIDAAZZZ -2022 !

  2. Mickey had it sewed up for the victory as soon as he set his tires to cement in Houston, @ last Saturday’s A.F.A. event . Like this exclusive combo here……..he got it SLLLAMMMMMED with his combos the entire weekend……he even on the fly ,360 bar twitched a turbine steam flap jack , both bar big AND small steam flip to backwards crack packer turbine in the same combo ,in his second final’s run……O.G. SOUTH RIDDDDAZZZZZ !

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