One thought on “Takahiro Enoki: Welcome to Heresy

  1. Really deserving rider . ( ice cream body varial -jump to fudge packer ??!! WHAT ?! ) He’s a perfect fit hard as hell rolling lines like the entire roster ! Been a Enoyang fan since seeing him ride @ the 2001 X-Trials in Grand Prarie T.X. . ( You were competing / busting out , Effraim , green Quamen and your signature bar twitch , switch hand steam ride out to the back peg and pedal . ) Takahiro was relaxed nailing some sick brakeless lines mixed with around the worlds , double dance pinkys , x-leg pivots . He easily made finals and look relaxed , not even stressed at all with all those people , t.v. cameras , haha…..he just rode with his head phones , shirtless , not even sweating it was a huge contest ………Heresy RULES . Dig the music , riding , vibe and overall message in all their edits. One of Flatland’s most dope brands …..

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