Rodney Williams drops a Two Hour Combo!

If you thought Rodney Williams dropping a ten minute combo was a big deal, think again! After a year of trying, Rodney just threw down what is arguably the longest combo ever done that I am aware of in the history of BMX flatland. This close tow hours long, holy shit!! Amazing stamina, concentration and mindset to get this done. More power to Rodney Williams!!

34 thoughts on “Rodney Williams drops a Two Hour Combo!

    • I’m sure hoping it is ! Thank you , Joe Kickass ! I would be STOKED to get a Guinness World record , been chasing long combos since 1999 ! Jason Brown r.i.p , Effraim Catlow , Andrew Arroyo , Nathan Penonzek , etc ,etc……them and loads of others really inspired / motivated me to ride this way !

        • Hey , Melodie ! I just caught your comment yesterday . So good to hear from you . Remember Roland ? We were just recently talking about those sessions the last time I saw and rode bikes with him with all the other school riders . Those were super rad times riding , bikes , hanging out in New Braunfels with you , Shane , Mike , David , etc….rad sessions , lots of laughter , and jamming out to music ! Thank you for the words , amiga ! Those were the days for sure …..

    • Hahahaha , cheers O.G. Ripper = Amos Burke ! Thanks , campeon ……the fact that you’ve BEEN shredding @ ALL disciplines of BMX is SICK , TIMES 7 ! What I wouldn’t give to be able to do your 1996 left cross stick-b to spinning ice cream , switch to inside circle right cross stick -b link , bruv ! I love your past AND current combos !

    • Thank you , Mr. BACKWARDS crack , half and side packer MASTER ! Haha…..I fought the burning calves from 1999 to 2005 , haha…you’re preaching to the choir ! ( meaning , I totally get / agree with what you’re saying ! ) I’m just picking up copying Effraim’s ” Parade ” video section link from EARLY freaking 1997 ! 1997 ! Damn I WISH and would PAY for A N Y O N E to upload THAT video part online !!

    • Thank you , Jason ! I appreciate it ! Shout out to Jason Brown r.i.p. , his section in his video ” 5 Combos ” that video was a MAJOR eye / mind opener for me to start obsessing , and relentlessly chasing long combos !

    • Hahaha , no Tristan ……..just a combination of JESUS , praying , some older video section from 1996-1998 ( Jason Brown r.i.p. , Andrew Arroyo , Effraim ” Big -E ” Catlow , Nathan Penonzek , etc ,etc .) and ALOT of trial and even MORE error , TIMES 7 !!

    • WOW ….THAT means ALOT coming from a rider who is literally one of the MOST skilled , talented and BEST BMX Flatland riders to EVER grace a bicycle ! ( TOP TEN list in my opinion , OVER 100 edits of all ORIGINAL , DIFFICULT , DIFFERENT , PROGRESSIVE combos …….OVER 100 !! ) Thank you , KING Caternellis ! I am beyond honored , campeon !!

    • I appreciate the love , Sieste !! STILL bugging out over one of the most SICK moves ever created……….your signature NO handed , spinning , STEM / FRAME stance -side packer !!! All your move are just MENTAL !! That’s WHY you won M.O.C !!

  1. Incredible Rodney!
    Your stamina and ability to remain focus are really next level.
    I couldn’t think that this could be possible before watching you,
    congrats again Rodney for this edit / movie?.. 🙂

    • Thank you , TIMES 7 Renaud ! Honestly man……..I’m letting JESUS do the work as far as focusing ! Relentlessly chasing and failing and chasing long combos…. since 1999 helped with stamina , haha. It’s totally possible just watch older video sections of Jason Brown r.i.p. ” 5 Combos ” , Effraim Catlow , ” Parade ” or Andrew Arroyo ” Sick Part 2 ” , even Nathan Penonzek’s 1998 and 1999 Oceanside , California X-Trials Finals run ( You Tube ) ! I’m just pushing where they all left off , haha… be TOTALLY honest , Renaud …….all of the more new school type of tricks , variations , combos , that riders like YOU and others do…… me ….THAT’S the HAAARD stuff , for real ! Thank you ,again Renaud !! You’re a RIPPER yourself and I’m REALLY looking forward to some video of YOU online !!!!

    • Whoa , didn’t realize that Fred ! THAT really stokes me , even more so being that those two classic / timeless films are some of my all time favorites ( Rob ” Tex ” Thayer once caught me almost getting misty eyed while ” Break the ice ” was playing in his car on the way to a riding session here in San Antonio , back in October of 2003 , haha.. ) Those two films are as RAD as it gets ( pun intended ) ! Thank you , Fred , I’m just having some fun repping that 1994 through 1998 style , haha…..( Paul Osicka also had a dope, long link in his Bio during his 1994 Props BMX video magazine interview ! I watched him and also…Nate Hanson take Cobains to their limit , twitching , bar flipping them into just about ANY position / trick . I peep gamed SO damn hard watching their video section’s in ” Ring the gack ” and ” Release the grease ” !!! ) There’s LOADS of riders whose long link style I got influence from , making this combo possible !!

  2. THANK YOU , Effraim ” Big-E ” Catlow / Jim McKay and of course …FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM for the love , support !! Ya’ll have no idea just how MUCH I appreciate the support , amigos ! THANK YOU !!!

  3. I would’ve been completely freaked to see a 30 minute or hour long combo, but 2 F@CKING HOURS? Rodney you know me and I don’t usually drops F bombs but F@CK MAN! Really? This definitely deserves some recognition on a Guiness level somehow, someway by someone dammit! Wow! Just wow! I think I did a minute combo one time in my life and it felt like forever I couldn’t imagine the focus required for this! Flat brothers for life you and I Rodney! – Huck –

    • Damn …..THANK YOU for the love , Huck !! Honestly man……as far as focus , and I’m being completely honest . It involved ALOT of praying and orchestration from JESUS being that I’m not very confident on my bike or in life for that matter .( I’ll sketch a trick , twitch ,bar flip or variation that I’ve been doing since freaking 1994 , haha. I second , third and fourth guess myself , like 24-7 , no joke / b.s. ! ) Now that being said I AIN’T NO SAINT , FAR FROM IT …..BUT I do talk / chat with him on the regular . Also ….MUSIC helps to sometime before or during a session ! ( Funeral Doom , Slam Death Metal are my go-to jams these days …heavy , groovy and just RAD tunes !! ) Guinness World Records ?! THAT would be nice …….we’ll see ! ( I know countless BMXers who have got in ! ) Bruuuuuv , your comment REALLY makes my morning , Huck , TIMES 7…….YOU KNOW IT , FLAT BROTHERS 4 LIFE !! I’ve looked up to YOUR riding since first noticing that you SLLLLAAAAAMMM DOWN switch wheelchairs to crack packers , SWITCHING YOUR HANDS to roll the crack packer …..then SWITCHING THEM BACK to the wheelchair , then keep the link going strong ! Technical , HARD details like THAT are WHY I watch that one long combo that you pulled during Finals @ the 2006 Flatland Voodoo Jam ! ( Mickey Gaido’s D.V.D. about the entire contest , experience ! ) You’ve always been a MAJOR staple in the TEXAS BMX Flatland scene , campeon . Being one of the , if not the FIRST to get MULTIPLE turbine hang fives , switch hand steam ( bars BIG ! ) butter slip / whip -step around to side packer , and LOADS of other switches , transitions within your combos ! Your baby blue Ares Force frames time era…….I would do anything to be able to do ALL THAT STUFF that you have forgot about and moved on from , haha ! You’re a HEAVY hitter , not to mention progressing the BMX industry with HUCK BMX Products ! ( even JESSE PUENTE rides YOUR parts !! ) I REALLY appreciate the love , Huck and I’ll be in touch soon , maybe cruise down to H-Town to session with you and Art , Marty , Andrew , Hector , Elias !! Can’t forget you’re ALSO an EXCELLENT rapper ! STILL got your album !! Also ……shout out to Jason Brown , r.i.p. ( HUGE inspiration for this combo , his link in ” 5 Combos ” , Circa 1998 ! My favorite BMX Flatland video ! ) LOVE YA , Huck !!

    • Thank you , GravenhurstFlatland ……I really appreciate it ! There’s a new version of me doing this again on You Tube . The video is called ….. Long links with Rodney Williams ….thanks again for your comment.

  4. After an hour and a half you start throwing down the straddle k in there?!?? Then killing pedal cowboy bar flips. The crack packers in the mix too! This is insane. Congrats and props Rodney!! Can’t even say times 7 alone, this was times 7 to the power of 7! Mind blowing and motivating. Congrats again bro.

    • Thanks B to the Z ! I REALLY , REALLY appreciate that you actually watched the ENTIRE combo ! Noticing those key tricks @ the exact time they were done in my combo . Your comment actually stuck in head TODAY , haha….I did a long combo with these tricks mixed in a lil bit more , haha. I’m the SAME way with watching ALL of something concerning Flatland ! I have raw footage of two E.S.P.N. X-Trial contests that were in Grand Prarie Texas in 2001 and 2002 .( My BMX amigos and I were @ both ! ) The video footage of both contests is around almost 8 HOURS each ! I’ve watched ALL the footage STRAIGHT THROUGH , like a million times and can tell you EVERY specific trick , combo , that EVERY rider does in practice , prelims , AND the finals , haha ! I , again and STOKED on the love you show and even more AMMMMPED on YOUR riding style ( NEW school flavor FULL of turbine , spinning , pivot , flowing savagery !! ) Love ya , BZ …..and I’m EAGERLY waiting for your 2nd FLATMATTERSONLINE Exclusive combo !! Your new combo that you’re working on is , I bet SO damn dope !

  5. Rodney, this is a legendary flatland (and athletic) accomplishment. I cannot imagine having the skill or stamina to do even a 10-minute link, as I’ve probably never broken the 1-minute mark, hahahaha. I know you’re a very humble person, but I hope that somewhere inside, you realize that you just made history and deserve the utmost respect from everyone that rides, past and present. \m/

    • THANKS , Mr. OWNER of the PEDAL five !! I’m humbled , campeon….. hell bruv , I’ve NEVER dialed a BASIC hang five , haha……you have turbine / spinning cliffhangers , switch hikers , crack packers ( that you get in AND out of the HARD way , switch hand steam butter slips ! ) , and messiah’s ….ALL of these ON LOCK in COMBOS ! Trust me ……your combos , the degree of DIFFICULTY are WAAAAY more hard !! I REALLY do appreciate the love , Brandon and take what you typed to HEART !! THANK YOU !! I do however ………what I wouldn’t do to have the skill level to do YOUR combos , tricks ! ( watched two of your edits TODAY to get pumped to session ! Watching riders , like you who throw down HARD SH-T that I CAN’T do gets me AMMMMPED to ride , haha ! ) You’re a RIPPER , Brandon and I salute YOU / your RIDING !! Also…….I’ve been listening to SO , SO much pop , country , trap rap , electronica , and just about ANY / EVERY kind of music genre out there ….I’ve been COMPLETLY missing a LOT of awesome bands , haha ! Death , Slam , Doom , Crust , Black , Advent , D-Beat , Grind core ……METAL ! YOU , mi amigo have ALWAYS known and PEEP GAMED me to LOADS of bands ( they’re ALWAYS great bands too , that you tell me ! ) Sooooo…….I will try and be schooled by you about bands like you schooled me in 2016 , haha…..Fetid , Cerebral Rot , I KNOW you’ve heard of them are RAD ! Thank you , again , Jefe Woldridge !

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