Yuo Hayakawa wins Round 1 AM Ultimate Flatland League

What a talent Yuo Hayakawa is, Yuo took the first place spot in Round 1 of the AM Ultimate Flatland League. The future is bright for this young shredder out of Japan!

If you missed the results click here:

For more videos from the AM’s:

3 thoughts on “Yuo Hayakawa wins Round 1 AM Ultimate Flatland League

  1. I’ve watched this ALOT !! Almost speechless…..I mean ,think about THIS ……he entered EXPERT ! EXPERT ??! In my eyes and DEFINITE opinion…..he’s PRO level , TIMES 7 . ( shows just how HUMBLE the riders from Japan have ALWAYS been , like Terry Adams said @ that 2002 K.O.G. ” The riders that are expert in Japan are PRO level in the U.S. ! ” That statement rings SO true watching this guy , Yu and Ryo Katagiri , Akio Katani , back in the day and Minato …….also , I’m 47 …….IMAGINE this dude and all the other students @ Ucchie and Naoto’s BMX coaching school at……..47 YEARS OLD !!! THAT is a very scary , mind boggling , rad thought …the future of BMX Flatland is a GREAT one being unfolded at this very moment ……..

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