11 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: Full bar to Pedal E squeak

    • Thanks , Brandon ! Mr. Eclipse ! ( one of the MOST ground breaking BRAKELESS video parts to ever PROGRESS Flatland ! ) Momma’s garage is compact , but it’s fun , haha…..( not gonna lie , REALLY miss my old session spot from 2013 till 2015ish ! It was HUGE !! I used to love doing surfers up and down it , haha.. ) I’m currently on a Bob Scerbo -ish ” sesh spot ” search and have found 5 1/2 sessions spots as of 3 weeks ago !! Fingers crossed ! Have ya seen Malte Orth’s riding / session spot ??! Duuuuuuude, his spot is TINY , TIMES 7……….and he SLLLLAAAMMMS some serious combo in it !

  1. Impressive Rodney! Every time you drop something, it’s impressive. You just keep refining that flow and style. Plus you’re busting the new tricks in long links! Dopeness!

    • Thank you , RIPPER ! Appreciate the love ! I’m just doing my best Jason Brown r.i.p. , Effraim Catlow , Leo Dumlao , Nathan Penonzek and Andrew Arroyo impression , haha . ( their 1995 through 1998 stuff , haha ! ) trying to progress , get some new stuff , thanks for noticing ,BZ ! I’ve recently been all over your You Tube channel and have posted some of your new school , turbine , rolling HAMMER lines on my Face Book account ! ( gonna post some more of em SOON ! ) Damn , BZ …..loving your style / riding , must be rad to have that NEW school riding style , bruv !! Please post some MORE of YOUR riding , man !

  2. Good job Rodney!
    As always, high level of accuracy in your tricks, both bike and body control!
    Love all those tricks, so nice!
    Thanx for sharing 🙂

    • THANK YOU , Renaud ! Means alot coming from a rider who just SLLLLAAAMMMED DOWN one of the most dope edits in 2021 ( a WEEK ago ! ) , with 540 KICK FLIPS to exit lines , in hitchhikers ! SICK over taker exits , back packer / half hiker X-leg pivots , and SO much damn flow AND style ! You’re as CORE as they come in BMX Flatland , Renaud ! I’m beyond stoked on your new edit , your riding , and that you’re bringing some unique , original stuff to the table . I’ll put on a pair of shades to take in your shiny ,eye candy combos ! ( on BOTH wheels at that ! )

    • You’re preaching to the choir Mr. Chamberlain ! I would LOVE to do just a lil bit of your X-leg / uncross pivots , via fudge packers , your hang five , ONE handed single kick bar flips ( WITH fire pinks ! ) , your cross BACKWARDS rocket X-leg pivots to double foot rolling back yards , even your 2006 , 2005 fast rolling , momentum combos from your Inertia bike company days ! ( YES , I STILL watch all those edits of you , as well as ALL your current stuff , AND your last F.M. Exclusive line ! ) you are one SHREDDING rider , ALWAYS have been , even after a SHORT 2 freaking years of riding ! ( Chris Job used to really rave about your riding , along with Effraim ! ) I’m actually fieinding for some of your signature combos A.S.A.P. , Paul………whenever you get a moment…….film ANOTHER Exclusive line for this site !!! I’d love to see it !

  3. Thank you for the love , E !! This REALLY made my Tuesday morning before work ! I appreciate the support , Effraim ! Just trying to imitate one of the GREAT’S older stuff ! ( YOU !)

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