17 thoughts on “Scott Hagnas: Project 54

  1. Damn Scott! All this smooth walk around pivoting stuff makes for SO many extra smooth ride out possibilities. A real eye opener. Like when you see someone drop or slam the bike down after a link, and then step over and remount it to ride out. Cancel that. Instead insert smooth pivot walking variations transitioned to casual dialed ride away for bonus style points.
    Also, I don’t think I’ve been able to do the splits at any point in my life yet. I’m sure the stretching is absolutely key to keeping going. Stoked to see you’re still rippin! Lets all ride on!

    • Thanks man! I can see many ride-out possibilities for modern advanced riders also. 2 wheel pivots are a lot of fun if nothing else! The flexibility definitely is helpful, but it wasn’t something I was good at until I was nearly 40. Good news is, you can build it at ant age.

      • I think the boomerangs, without turning your bars, can be an introduction for new & younger riders. If they get the itch, maybe they can stick with it.

  2. Scott is the living proof that flatland is infinite…lot of new ideas and creativity here.Keep pushing hard buddy,you rock!!

  3. You know what’s wild ?? All the super technical , original tricks , links that Scott did in all the 90s ” Infection / Euthanasia ” BMX videos that were so damn creative for the time ( hell , even for TODAY ! ) Now @ FREAKING 54 YEARS OLD……..he’s not only in BETTER physical shape than in his early 20s ……..he’s ALSO even MORE original and fully getting lost in a ” creatively thinking flatland -personal progression rabbit hole ” these pivots , technique are really awesome to see ,take in as this edit unfolds ( like ALL his edits ) I’m STOKED on him STILL creating and completely immersed in his OWN ” groove” with all these concepts . This may throw people off ……but Scott’s riding has a kind of Derek Nelson / Yumi Tskuda type of way to it . ….just a FLATLAND version ! To me ….that’s a GREAT thing , as I’m a big fan of both of these crazy eccentric street riders ( how they ride and WHAT they choose to ride during their street sessions ! ) I’m fully on board for the always evolving ” Hagnas house of flatland ” and even more thrilled to see that even @ age 54………he’s fully RE-upped his riding styles , tweaking and morphing it into something smooth , original and quirky in the best possible way ………like Manos , Matthieu , Dizz Hicks , Bekko , Jumelin , Hudson , Warsan , Musselwhite , and Renaud to name a few……..Scott is on riding to the ” beat” of his own ” drum ” ………loving the creativity ……and AGAIN @ 54 YEARS OLD……it makes this edit even sweeter ! Bobby Burge is on his own creative path , riding wise , also ! Got the video footage to prove it……….TODAY !! He’s 50 !! The 50 CLUB is SLLLLLAMMMMING some originality in BMX these days……..love THAT !!

    • Rodney! Thanks so much for the kind words man, sorry I missed this somehow!

      I definitely have been inspired by many of the riders you mention. It’s been fun just going with the different ideas that pop into my head – it’s kind of like a puzzle and you don’t know where it will lead. The bad part is that some of the ideas I never get to bringing to fruition!

      Keep on slamming it down yourself, so great to see! And, I’ll keep an eye out for Bobby B!

      • I’m the same Scott. I got numerous combos on paper so l won’t forget them. I however have only come close to certain ones & some pulled. Time got in my way & my responsibilities to. I’ve got heaps that l’m not sure anyone’s done before. I really want to bring them to reality, but time will only tell.

        • I hear you on that! Best of luck, it’s even sweeter if you get them done with all of the responsibilities we have as we get older.

          I’ve been a little bummer on my slow progress on learning cross-footed hikers but then I have to remember that it’s really more due to my limited time that anything!

  4. @ 1.13 and @ 1.22 minutes !! My favorites in this edit !! Unexpected and smooth as heated syrup on pancakes ! The backwards one legged wheelchair roll , butter slip line was dope as well !! Yeeeahhh , Scott !

  5. Love the boomerang variations. They can also be less pressure on the arms. Refreshing footage & definitely different.

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