19 thoughts on “Ross Smith 2008-2009

  1. Wow. I’ve heard of double rollaids and was just thinking of them when I scrolled down to see this! So cool to see it! Awesome.

  2. Im also with Chris! I’ve never seen this inversion of hang 5’s with the body pivoting the other direction!!! Incredible thought process!

    The double rollaid was ‘kinda’ okay…….. ; )

  3. It’s funny, his jeans get more baggy the older he gets! Pretty sure he invented “skinny jeans”)-: And can we please get this guy a filmer! Everybody’s scared since the last guy got stabbed, cuz his spots are sooo HOOD!

  4. Rode with Ross a few years back.. actually I watched him ride while I shit myself sitting on my bike. He put on a clinic… multi-straddle ronis and if memory serves me correctly he was hitting triple rolaids and getting so close to quad rolaids. Nicest guy to be around, supportive and positive. Big fan of him and his riding.

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