Scott Hagnas: Flat Singles 2024

Flatland lifer, Scott Hagnas is currently out injured from a freak accident. Fully tearing his quad tendon off of his kneecap, just typing that made me wince. Scott however, used the time off his bike to put together this rad edit of his original tricks filmed from age 55-57! This is awesome, go watch this and have a speedy recovery Scott!

8 thoughts on “Scott Hagnas: Flat Singles 2024

  1. Very nice Scott! The most remarkable aspect in my eyes is that you proof that you don’t need to be on a super high level to be very original. The originality and creativity is really impressive!

  2. That was awesome Scott!!Originality to the core…in my personal difficult times back in 2020,you helped me so much to come back more powerful and more motivated with your inspirational words…I will never forget that and I wish you quick recovery,stay strong and you will become way better flatlander after this situation…
    I fully understand you and feel you for what you going throught ….Be patient brother and God bless you…

    • Thanks for the kind words and inspiration, Brother! I’m definitely so fired up to ride again when I can.

      Thankfully, I have a great supporting family and helping people return to health is what I do for work, so hoping to be back quickly, but I also know I must be patient.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your next edit! Thanks, Giannis!

  3. Shared this on my F.B. page last week ! Scott had that that Garret Reeves ( bad azz street rider who would do unique moves on unique set ups. ) type of vibe to his riding . Always bringing his own groove to Flatland riding . I was stoked to see this drop on Shad Johnston’s Snakebite BMX site . Hell bruv, I’ve dug Hagnas’s 1995 ,1996, 1997 ,1999 switches , bar flip , technical ” Canadian Flavor ” ( my favorite , I.E. Penonzek , Brown r.i.p. , Rigby , Stratychuk ! ) style lines . I’d be STOKED if he re-upped some of that for nostalgia ! Hagnas is a creator and at over 50……he gets even more respect from me for still being on his SEEEZZZZ ( meaning on his game with his riding. ) these days. All his pivot , facing backwards , swivel , floaty , slide original trickery is so refreshing…….like Vanderspek , r.i.p. …..and I’m STILL about that legend’s early 80s moves……hell yeeeeaaaahhh , Scott !

  4. Thanks Rodney!! I’ll have to re-up some of that old flavor one of these days. I’ve got SO much footage sitting in boxes!

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