2 thoughts on “James White & Amos Burke: Nine Tries

  1. Wow! A video like this highlights how fun BMX can be with tricks that are capable of being grasped and therefore learned. That’s what BMX Bandits was to me. I got a BMX and never looked back all while having so much fun and making so many great memories for so many years. Well done brothers! Great video.

  2. Two of U.K.’s most dope riders……busting out on their bikes , hitting it up @ the legendary South Bank sesh spot….. and all over. YEESSSS , Whiteski -Amos ! Seems to be the time of all these O.G. BMX rippers showing that they’re all not out there just riding their bikes…………they’re also still SLLLLAAAAAAMMMMING ( meaning riding hard . ) the BMX game and staying motivated !

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