4 thoughts on “Shintaro Misawa: King of Ground Kobe 2005

  1. TIMES 7 , Valance ! I was literally just bragging about his half hiker , under hand reach -360 bar flip to PEDAL-K , to Art Thomason over the phone last Sunday , haha ! Such a crazy switch to have DIALED ……and brakeless , at that ! Then to have it ON LOCK for CONTESTS …….Thats a whole differetnt type of monster level of bike riding ! I really do miss him riding ……HOPE he returns ………..A.S.A.P. ………

  2. One of my top 5 favorite riders of all-time, I still don’t think this guy gets enough credit (even with the credit he gets). Would love to see him return to riding – he was a wizard.

    Everything looks effortless and his riding was pure art. Seemed to have mastered about every technique in the flatland vocabulary.

    Maybe he got bored? Come back, Shintaro!

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