Throwback Thursdays: Effraim Catlow / KHE Cosa Nostra Part


A few weeks ago, Mid School BMX on Instagram posted a clip from my KHE Cosa Nostra part which was filmed in 1997/98. I asked the guys if they had the full part as I have not seen it in years, if memory serves me right there were copyright issues with some of the film samples used on the video. Such a great time period travelling around competing with KHE/Puma team, getting to ride Albert Retey’s home stomping ground and so much more. Enjoy the part if you haven’t seen.

Thank you Mid School BMX!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: Effraim Catlow / KHE Cosa Nostra Part

  1. THIS is SO damn SLLLLLAAAAAAMMMED , Big -E ! Where do I even begin to start ?! Ummmm…..ok , first thing ….after I saw Mid Schools BMX , his post of Jamie Bestwicks section from this K.H.E. Cosa Nostra- BMX team video ….I was gonna message him to upload YOUR part on his Youtube channel , and Martti Kuoppa , his part ,also riding to Abaracadabra , by the Steve Miller band . Ive said this at least a million times over ……THIS and your video part in K.H.E. bike company , their video called Parade ….BOTH of these video parts are STILL so friggin dope to me ! @ 1.14 MINUTES , pinky squeak switch to left cross elephant glide , switching to the elephant glide WITHOUT holding the seat , STYLED OUT and a lil original twist , mid-combo ! 1.28 MINUTES , fire hydrant to windshield wiper to Smith decade ,to end that rad long combo ! You DONT see THAT kind of exit coming at all ! @ 1.34 MINUTES , your signature pretzel wrap above / under the bars -PEDALS stance , high speed steam to START your line ! Thats the move that got you a photo @ the 1998 X-Games in Ride BMX magazine , the U.S. edition …..I STILL have that issue ! @ 2.02 MINUTES , steam , brakeless flip to kickless Cobain roll , DIRECTLY to reach over to 360 flip to left cross elephant glide !! THIS !! Tech as hell and STILL holds its own today , in my opinion . Hell bruv , I just recently learned a move that Ive wanted from THIS video section , haha….@ 2.25 MINUTES , your brakeless pedal-K flip , haha…this video section RULES , TIMES 7 ……the only thing that Im a lil bit bummed about is THIS re-edited version DOESNT have the ninja like SOUND effects during all the bar flips during your long link starting @.2.02 MINUTES ! There were like these sound effects like …SWOOSH ! SWOOSH ! SWOOSH ! SWOOSH , when you were doing all those dope bar flips and your SIGNATURE switch hand fork squeak pinkys . I have a V.H.S. copy of this video , and those effects were cool , bruv ! This kind of riding from this era of your career , 1996-1998 , along with Jason Brown R.I.P. , Andrew Arroyo , Nate Hanson , Shawn Burnham R.I.P. , Nathan Penonzek , Eugene Collins , Gernot Ibounig , Dave Schaffer , etc , etc ……so much all you dudes stuff from back then……Im STILL intrigued by it and imitate ALOT of it to this day ,while riding my bike , haha …..@ 58 SECONDS , tomahawk flip to SINGLE kick Cobain roll , immediately flipped to left cross elephant glide , @ 2.22 MINUTES , backwards Karl , step to QUICK half hiker flip , BAM , to pedal -k !! Effraim…..I could talk about this video part for hours on end AND your video part from Parade also . Things like this REALLY show just how much depth , variety , and skill level that a rider possesses and has accomplished throughout their years on their bike . Always being progressive , caught up , with the times ….while still being original ,and dialed . This video part is one for the books , mate ! I really appreciate you and Mid School BMX getting this pulled off ! A real surprise , history lesson and one of my top 5 picks for T.T. !!

  2. Hello Rodney, well said! What you describe “fire hydrant to windshield wiper to Smith decade” would be called “fire hydrant to decade to catapult” by me. Whatever, I really like this trick and it was really surprising at this point of the long combo. Props Effraim! I also have it on VHS 🙂

  3. Whats shaking Daddy Cool ?! You are correct , bruv , I described / worded , it a lil bit wrong , hahaha…..forgot it would be better known as a Catapult ! This typo of mine reminds me of when Effraim had to school me a lil bit about the move of frame swinging , while rolling . Down here in good ole Texas ….YEEEEHAWW , we always called them rebates , while that move was better known as a pendalum around the U.K. ……and the rest of the world , haha ! That exit sure is rad , though , just like this entire video part ! Damn , Im praying that ANYONE will upload , PARADE ! Its another K.H.E. bike company / O.G. Marton CLASSIC BMX film ! Effraims section , along with O.G. Marton , Pal Gynes , EVERY rider THROWS DOWN so damn HARRRRRRD in that video . Not to mention ……..theres a song by the rapper called Paris that is one of the BEST songs Ive ever seen REALLY blend / go with a riders video part…….it was O.G. Marton , his main video part . He rides with SO much power , aggression , flow and fire …..EXACTLY how the song is ! Both the song and riding are meshed so perfectly together . I sincerely tell ya this , Daddy Cool ……after watching ,if ya ever get to see THAT video section………..the energy from it will MAKE you wanna get on your bike for a session IMMEDIATLY , haha ! Effraim , his section also ! He ends his video part with a SLLLLAAAAAMMED , LOOOOOONG link …….where he literally COLLAPSES from the fatigue of it ! Hes also nailing a top rock / decade like hybrid move ……where he lands coming down on his FRONT wheel , ending up in a hang five , to Vader …..MID-LINE ! Havent seen any rider do THAT transitions of Effraims…… THIS day ……….I need a genie in a bottle to grant me the skills to do , and have DIALED all of Effraims stuff from 1995 to 1998 , haha…..Id be STOKED as hell on THAT , haha…………

  4. Hey Rodney, I think many tricks are called differently in different area. Only Effraim knows all the details… 😉 I guess a Catapult is basically the same as a Smith Decade.
    I also have Parada on VHS and I fully agree it is so nice! I still like the riding from that area and Marton was so powerful here! It really makes me wanna ride! I am just not sure if my VHS recorder is still working. Haven’t used it for a while. I always wanted to make digital copies of these videos but didn’t manage so far.
    Have you seen “Steam Engine” from Marton? I think it is even older than Parade. And what about the “Fitness video” with amazing riding from Albert Retey? His tricks were super progressive at this time! I think it was around 1996 and he did backwards halfpackers for example. A lot of opposite stuff, pedal tricks, spinning, varials… Albert could do it all and mastered so many different techniques. His variety was impressive. So good!

  5. This gives me a huge smile on my face…so good! Seen for a first time and brings me back my wish to finally own onw lagger frame …I must have it. Anyone wants to switch it for something?

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