Episode 38: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Claude Hickman


What’s up everyone ?! After a short intermission for episode 5 of Flat Snitches with Pete Brandt, and the Crackpacker, we are back to our regular FM exclusives.
Episode 38 features flatland lifer, Claude Hickman!
Many of you, will know and recognise Claude from the Fise World Online Live Stream commentaries, Claude made Hardcore Radness 1 and 2 and As the Wheel Turns when I was growing up. Hugely influential videos for me and my development, and I was stoked when Claude hit me up with this double darkside clip!
The second darkside in particular is so dope, looking like he was going to wind into a time machine and instead he scuffs backwards and flips darkside into a halfpacker. Claude has such a smooth style and this comes from years of riding.
Much respect Claude for contributing, whose got episode 39?