Flatark Prize Money Breakdown Announced!


As I reported yesterday the Flatark crew are starting to hype up what does promise to be the event of the year! The World Circuit finals, Flatark in Kobe, Japan on the 25th October. Many rumours about the prize money, and riders saving tricks for this round. Check the breakdown of cash for the top 12 riders, dialled!

“First big news!
FLATARK Pro class final is illumination of stage!
Final is 25th of October (Sun) 18:00-21:00
It will be an amazing stage and final!
Don’t miss it!”

“The second big news is about prize money!

1st place: 5,000,000 JPY (About 40,500 USD)
2nd-8th place: 100,000 JPY (About 810 USD)
9th-12th place: 50,000 JPY (About 405 USD)
*today’s exchange rate, 1USD=124JPY
Who will get this big winning prize???”