Must Watch: Matthias Dandois: The Flat Side Of Things 5

Where do you start? We all know Matthias Dandois is one of the most consistent contest riders to ever do it on a 20 inch bicycle.
What hit me first with this project, after all Matthias’ daily work duties for his sponsors, it’s refreshing that he keeps the hardcore sessions with moves he’s worked on for hours on a tripod setting to his personal account. This feels like it’s for the hardcore fans, I guess is what I am trying to say.

Last week, I was lucky enough to get a first look before the edit dropped a week later. You get a sense of what is to come, and I always wonder which of these moves will make it to the contest floor, it’s kinda fun trying to guess…

Matthias’ is always on point with music selection, and the MorriƱa Baiuca track definitely sets the tone for this edit, and I liked how these lines were not drawn out. Everything pretty much is to the point, whereas his contest runs contains longer lines. Good to see that difference for sure.

When you are that consistent, what can you throw when you try something for three hours?
Filmed over the past 8 months in New York, Paris, Geneva and Saint Raphael. As always with Must Watch edits here are some of my personal highlights:

00:51: Shove-it plasticman line, the Plasticman gets done a lot in flatland these days. Nice to see a new touch to a overdone trick. And when something is done a lot that’s hard to do..
** Flat Snitches would say it’s a shove-it no handed switch footed hang 5 however…

1:03: No handed spinning halfpacker to spinning hitch line!

3:05: Backwards no handed spinning hitch, again I like how this was left on it’s own. Straight to the point!

3:37: One handed seat grab two footed backyard pivot one handed switch foot mega spin out.

4:48: Crackpacker Double boomerang bar scoot to steam!

5:36: Rollback body varial to pendulum halfpacker!

Go watch this one, if you aren’t already. What was your favourite line? Let’s discuss this one. Time to go riding…