Viki Gomez to perform at Wheel Harmonie – Luxembourg Saturday June 27th

Of course we all know Viki Gomez is pushing the art form of flatland at the top level taking the win at the first two stops of the 2015 World Circuit! Here, is a nice story where Viki is recognised for where he practises daily when he is at home in Luxembourg. Tomorrow Viki will perform in front of a packed Philharmonie, where Flatland and the Orchestra meet. Official press release below

“WHEELHARMONIE” at the Concert Hall of Luxembourg – The Philharmonie – June 27th at 10pm.

As known, Viki rides and practises (home spot) infront of the Philharmonie since we moved to Luxembourg 3 years ago. And in August 2014, the Philharmonie approached Viki, after having seen him riding infront of their building for so long, if he would be interested in collaborating with them on a nice and new show event for their 10th Anniversary party that they are hosting this Saturday. Of course, Viki took this opportunity happily as it is something completely new and could lift the sports up in a more respectable and recognisable way to a wider audience of elegance, music, artistry, “class” and elderly people, and to show the artistic beauty of Flatland, that sometimes has been misread due to younger riders with another look (tattoos, heavy crazy parties, street kids etc).

This is Viki’s way of how he wishes the people to look at flatland, a beautiful art sports, that requires hard work, discipline, dedication, motivation, patience and simply an artistic imaginary mind – as an artist in being original and authentic.

The tickets of 2, 000 people were sold out in 1 day!!

Another new aspect of this performance is that it is a choreographed performance timed in with the live musicians. And therefore, puts an whole other challenge to it for Viki to complete flawlessly.

Luxembourgish National TV, press & media will be there. As Viki is one of few global athletes of “Luxembourg”, they value his representation a lot.

This has been collaborated together with Viki Gomez, GG.M.image, Philharmonie Concert Hall of Luxembourg and Classical Music compositors KrausFrink Percussion and Musicians of the Orchestra of the Philharmonique.