Terry Adams: ELEMENTS Part 1 / Earth

ELEMENTS Part 1 – Earth Featuring Terry Adams from Modify Content on Vimeo.

Elements, as a series, has the visual directive to break down action to it’s most simple substance. Over four installments professional Terry Adams puts his mastery on display immersed in one of the four classic elements; earth, water, fire, and air. Each element brings with it, it’s own challenges and unique beauty. This is well worth a watch, if you haven’t already!

8 thoughts on “Terry Adams: ELEMENTS Part 1 / Earth

  1. Awesome! Typically I don’t like videos where a rider is shown in a situation which is not common for Flatland, but here the artistical aspect is very nice. The music fits quite well and the landscape is so remarkable!
    But why did he throw the bike? It seems like he did not even “enjoy” it. How that backwheel is wobbling!
    Props Terry for pushing these unusual project that may help to make Flatland more popular!

    • 100% agree…its like Fast and Furious nowadays…overly epic and soooo extreeeeeme. Terrys riding is great as always

  2. Not popular, but more popular maybe. And I am pretty sure this in Terry’s interest because for a pro rider this helps. So I would say this video is not made especially for flatland riders but more for a general audience.

  3. I loved it!
    The scenery, music and the tricks flowed perfectly together.
    And I loved the bike chuck in the end, I would of done the same after all the work that went into making this edit.
    Flatland is such a Love/Hate relationship.

  4. That’s one insane edit!! Not sure how he could one up those tricks in the future parts but definitely looking forward to it!

  5. Brakeless switch -b , landing to a stalled , stationary time machine , swaying back and forth before going into his grass hopper line .That Karina jump , mid line , zero speed ….exiting to an x-leg hitchhiker pivot . Last line …..turbined crack packer , bar twitch/ leap……TWICE in the same line ( landing x-leg and regular to hitchhiker . ) Piecing , mixing his hammers transitions ….into different places , within each line. Another form of progression ! K.C. Badger involved in this edit ( LEGEND trails / park rider who always rode with excellent style , reppin Arizona ! ) , using a Metal soundtrack , and slow motion during Terry’s technical moves….all these things make this one helluva edit . Eager to see the next three…stoked he brought back the 360 body varial side / back packer , too……..good pick , Big -E , cheers mate !

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