Moto Sasaki wins Japanese Flatland Championship!

Congratulations to Moto Sasaki taking the win at the Japanese Flatland Championships for the third time in a row, followed by Kio Hayakawa and Hiroya Morizaki. Hiroshi over at 430 came through with a video already for you all to watch! Pro Class starts at 4:55:34…

6 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki wins Japanese Flatland Championship!

  1. Watched some of the first live stream video yesterday . Stoked this version is up now ! I love watching raw , unedited contest footage and the level these days ( like the top 3 here ! ) is seriously wild , TIMES 7…..all the riders are so damn skilled , EVERY class . I’m thinking to myself ” this is the stuff that they have dialed for contests …imagine their session stuff or what they’re working on ! ” , their contest stuff is like high level enough ….if ya catch where I’m coming from ……Yuya Shiga ! ( Frank Ruiz peep gamed his riding to me ! ) I’m really impressed with that dude . He rips HARD , and I think he already is and will be on the come up even MORE in the future . His Jeep Real Games video entry was so ,so dope ! Thanks for choosing THIS to post , E ! As I know with running South Sea , coaching riders , progressing your own riding ( eager to see even MORE from ya working that front brake and X-leg rolling techniques ! ) and running your merch shop has your time FULLY spent , TIMES 7……so what you choose to post ……is very carefully selected and thought about . Cheers , E !!

  2. I’ve obviously been living under a Rock but who is that AMAZING RIDER at 4:56?!?! Holy God, he is absolutely incredible!! I’ve never seen this guy before, hands down the best riding I’ve ever seen!!

  3. Yabai!!!!! Go Japan! Sick next level riding as usual! Dopest dope! Makes you proud to be human and see what we can achieve. Flatland is mind bottling lol release the grease and witness the magic!

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