Must Watch: Matthias Dandois / Off The Grid

I am so late to the party on this one, the title is somewhat ironic to me although I realise it’s a reference to Vans. Matthias Dandois is in the public eye every day, social media posts, public appearances, travelling, the list goes on and on. I often say to Matthias, I have no idea how you cope with all the demands on your life and stay at the top.
This edit is absolutely beautiful, filming, editing, tune, and the multiple backwards spinning steam line at 2:58 is amazing. Give this edit some attention today, and you’ll be stoked for your session.

Few better sights in flatland than MD doing his thing, and representing our culture so well!

5 thoughts on “Must Watch: Matthias Dandois / Off The Grid

  1. Amazing.
    Such a great ambassador for Flatland like we’ve never seen before. The exposure he gaining for flat is priceless.
    Totally deserves his success .

  2. Absolutely beautiful , graceful , riding . So dope how he’s just naturally progressing , pushing his way of riding to the damn moon ! He’s accomplished all the accolades , TIMES 7 ….he’s created some of the most high level tricks / combos ,( I still to this day really believe that he’s still due WAAAAAY more props for making NO handed spinning half packer , bars BOTH ways a reality in Flatland ……lacing it in combos how /when ever he feels like it , haha ! ), won contests carrying the most core AND prestigious clout , filmed some of the most iconic videos parts / edits ….AND as this edit screams……he’s STILL pushing his own AND the sport’s progression …..too SLLLLAMMMMMED and mad respect to him ! He’s a honorable representation of our art form , sport ! STOKED he laced up that 540 cab into a line !!

  3. I love the fact that this has been filmed in what like might look like any random parking lot, i like it better than a fancy place because it reminds me of where i used to parctice long ago.

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