Terry Adams – King of Ground Nagoya + Diversion 5.0 Repost

Great footage of Terry Adams tearing the King of Ground in Nagoya, Japan a new one. This made me think of Bobby Carter’s Diversion 5.0 so let’s place that below for your viewing pleasure. I miss seeing the King of Ground contest footage, so much energy.

2 thoughts on “Terry Adams – King of Ground Nagoya + Diversion 5.0 Repost

  1. WOW ! Ive BEEN wanting to see THIS run of Terrys …….SINCE 2004 , hahaha ,when he friggin SLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMED all of these , @ the time , THESE freshly ORIGINAL / SIGNATURE switches , jumps , bar flips ! I have some personal favorite contest runs of Terrys , one being his Battle At The Bricks contest run , back in Spring of 2011 ! This one , NOW being TIED with that , hahaha ! THIS dude is friggin uploading some real gems from 2004 -2012 , LOADS of K.O.G. contest footage that never made the light of day………UNTIL ….NOW ! Again , just loving THIS run ,AND the fact that Terry STILL uses a lot of these SIGNATURE transitions within his links , theyre all SUPER technical AND hard , TIMES 7 . Theres a REASON just WHY these transitions WON him TONS of contests throughout the last , like 18 plus YEARS………….his bar small crack packer , LEEEEEEAAAP / bar flip, to X-leg hiker @ 1.55.MINUTES …….MAAAAAAAAAAAAN ……..he STILL kills ,with THAT line TODAY . He RE-unleashed it in New Orleans @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam event !!

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