2 thoughts on “George Manos – Vrehethmos VII

  1. Absolutely loved THIS , George ! Reminds me of that really rad band ,we chatted about…..Schammasch , their song Metanoia , off their third to last release ! HOW IN THE……..you just holding your signature brakeless track stand / hybrid / new school creation , ON TOP of that friggin MOUNTAIN like slab ,of rock !! Talk about BURLY , taking a SERIOUS risk of injury or worse …….AND having COMPLETE nerves of steel to balance ,concentrate , and STAY in your mental zen / zone to get the video shot ! You ALWAYS come up with something so unique / creative , that scratches WAAAAAAAAAAAY below the surface of a typical bmx edit , that’s TRICK wise , also , of course , too……..AND that MUSIC ! SUPERB ! I listen to ANY / ALL kinds of music , especially to get hyped to session my bike , one of my favorite genre of music, is just about ALL genres of METAL ! Slam , Black , Death , Funeral , Doom , Advent , Grind , Melodic , Math , etc ,etc……I like it ALL , so this track ya used for this film was really cool to me ,and went VERY well with the whole edit ! Looking forward to ANY edits ya drop online , soon , George ! I ALWAYS do …….your section in Adam Guilds , LIL DOSES ,PART 9 , RULED , too ,campeon ! Thanks for coming through with that on such short notice . I know I informed ya @ the very last minute , sorry about that , BUT with the moves ya SLLLAAAAAAMMMMMED DOWN , for the film …….looks like you worked even BETTER on your bike…….under pressure ! RESPECT , Mr. Manos ! VREHETHMOS !!!!!

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