The Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy is back!

I don’t get nostalgic about bike parts and frames, but the Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy is one frame I wish I never got rid of. This one holds great memories for me and I am stoked to see the re-release of this classic frame with modern day geometry. Here’s the word from Mat Hoffman…

“It just landed in LA and is on it’s way to headquarters in OKC. It is still about a week out, but I’ve made them available to order now. Kevin Jones signature Big Daddy frame is back with OG look but with modern geometry.

TT 19.75″ or 20.5″
CS 13.4″ to 14.2″
HA 75 degree
SA 70 degree
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.8″
Standover Height: 8″
Integrated headset
Mid-BB shell
CNC Cromo heat-treated dropouts with 14mm slots
Removeable brakes mounts and gyro tabs included
an extra decal kit included. Sneak peak Photos by @motocrossinternational they landed in Japan first. Thanks you.”

10 thoughts on “The Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy is back!

      • word. the frame definitely looks dope, but a 13.5″ rear end with 19.75″ top tube. Even considering how the head tube and seat tube angles can affect the wheel base, this things going to build up long. I’d have to ride one with parts similar to mine on it to have a true opinion of how the over all set up would feel. I built up my y2k Sabbath a few years ago to ride for the year I turned 30. That frames 7lbs and it wasn’t the weight that felt to be an obstacle, as much as having a 14″ back end. Made some of my back wheel stuff feel really sluggish or just damn harder to get into the optimal balance triangle where the trick can be fully manipulated (Most of those tricks were learned on Quamen set ups 76degree ht, 18.75″ & 19″ tt, 12″-13″ cs.). When I set up my Intrikat it was instant love the first session. Perfect middle ground for the geometry. To each their own. Freestyle on!

        • Well, the old Big Daddy was 3/4″ longer in the back and 3/4″ shorter in the front so the wheelbase should be the same.

          • I actually like the rear end longer, keeps the bike stable on straight line rolling tricks . I still ride an SD4…I am kinda short so stuff like cliffhanger is really hard on frames over 18.5 – 19 at longest. I would have bought one if they had the shorter tt option… The brake locations and other new stuff is for sure a plus..

          • Not to mention that this frame isn’t designed to meet the needs of 18 year olds who only do steamrollers.

            I think that 13.5 is perfect for a backend length and I only do backwheel tricks at the moment.

      • I’m afraid that after riding that kgb 18.6 from february 2007 it wiil sure feel akward to me to ride a frame with so much different geometry…other than that,i’d love to have a new ride made by the real boss,the K!

  1. If this frame will give me the ability to have the infamous switch hand steam flip, to crack packer……..ON LOCK , like the way Art Thomason SLAAAAAMMMMZ one, to START a link in his frame promo edit , for THIS Big Daddy ,Hoffman frame……well……might be time for a new frame , haha….Ive been on my 1997 Hoffman E.P. frame since late August of 1997 , haha , Mat REALLY knows how to make GREAT frames , AND Arts riding in that promo edit on Vimeo is TOO dope ! It was like a FULL ON progression edit ,as it was a frame promo , haha. Really stoked about this ! I gave Arts bike a spin @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam-Pre-jam , and I must say……THIS frame rides REALLY well , JUST like the 1995 version , just ALOT lighter , buuuuuuuuuuut ….not TOO light . Its stable , VERY responsive , and has the perfect weight to it . Add the fact of an intergrated headtube , mid-bottom bracket , and all the NEW school fixings ……..and you’ve got one REALLY rad CLASSIC / NEW school built frame that will satisfy ANYONES preference . SALUD / VIVA , Hoffman bike company , AND Mat Hoffman , HIMSELF ! Dudes done LOADS of selfless things for the art form / sport of bmx flatland………LIKE………fight for it to have been involved in the X-Trials / X-Games , from 1996 to 2003 , GLOBALLY ! HE DID THAT , and I don’t think ENOUGH riders , in my opinion REALLY thanked him enough for sticking up / going to bat for flatland , time and time and time , again . Hell , bruv ……when ALL of BMX as a WHOLE ……DIED off in 1992ish…..HES THE ONE who breathed NEW LIFE to it , taking the sport by the reins , AND he was PROGRESSING vert riding , sacrificing his BODY to do it ! ZERO foam pits back then …..just HUCK , LEARN , and DIAL everything on WOOD or CONCRETE ! He CREATED countless vert tricks , variations , and ummmmmm….the FLAIR , which is used STILL today, by the masses !!! Mat was one of the KEY saving graces to the ENTIRE sport …..ON and OFF the bike ….PERIOD . RESPECT-TIMES 7 . The fact that hes STILL pushing it in his back yard vert ramp , CHECK HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL ……well…….THAT just solidifies his ONGOING passion for bmx…………….

  2. Gracias ,Tristan ! TIMES 7 , bruv …..Mat REALLY goes above / BEYOND for bmx . Having been to both of the Oklahoma City Bicycle Stunts series contests , waaaaaaaaaaay …..back in da day , 1994 and 1995 , on Labor Day weekend . I saw first hand how he was CONSTANTLY just running around making sure EVERYTHING was running smoothly with EVERY rider , judge , concession stand , basically FIRST HAND running the whole contest , ON TOP OFF practicing for his own vert AND park runs , that were coming up in the afternoon , haha ! This was just a couple days of me / my bmx amigos from Texas to see how friggin HAAAAARRD he works as an event organizer , company owner , mentor , and cutting edge pro rider ….all @ the SAME TIME ! We all saw him successfully juggle ALL these tasks AGAIN , on a even bigger scale during Spring Break weekend , 1996 @ the FIRST E.S.P.N. – X-Trials that year in South Padre Texas ! We were like , man…………all we have to do is show up and just ride our bikes , hahaha……….he has to do that……and TEN MILLION things ALL at ONCE ! I couldn’t even begin to imagine just what a single YEAR of his DAILY schedule would look like ! VIVA ……THE CONDOR / HOFFMAN BIKE COMPANY ,TIMES 7 .

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