7 thoughts on “The Jam Circle Pro Battles!

  1. It is so great to see the U.S. scene regaining momentum and definitely offering up something different than the the rest of the world. It will be exciting when riders come out of OmariĀ“s school and see if more schools pop up.

    The other day I watched the process of backwards time machine by Gabe Kadmiri and I thought that the U.S. still has so much originality compared to other scenes. Hope this continues.

    That line that Ben does that he kind of stops in the middle of a steam roller, if that would have been completed would have been amazing, and up to that moment was already insane.

    And Pete Brandt should ride in every contest ever. True battle rider. That a battle between him and Benjamin Hudson happened is so cool.

  2. This was wild! Did riders pick tracks or was whoevers DJing trying to sync up the tunes with the riding? So many hype moments. Watching Dub and Ben, and Terry and Mickey ride in the contest is like watching some bros just seshing hard together. Those battles were intense all while still having chill vibes. Crazy level riding. It’s amazing how contest riders are forced to adapt to different riding surfaces and they still absolutely bust out! So sick. Insane looking event, awesome footage. Thanks so much for sharing!

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