6 thoughts on “Todd Carter: The Jam Circle 2023 – Second Place Qualifier

  1. The move Todd does @ 26 seconds …… Is that called a guillotine hang five ? I really dig that variation ! Looks so contorted / difficult . I love that he uses them in contest runs. Lashing out to an ashtray rules as well . Multiple whiplashes opposite , even over to hang five, that slam as well . Todd smoothly ( as always ! ) busted out . I’ve been riding flatland since Spike Speed wrench had a flatland battle with Radical Rick on a corner side walk , down the street from Crushed Crank Canyon. ( You have to be over 40 to get that reference / joke , ha. ) and I suck at REGULAR whiplashes and hang fives , still to this day…..the fact that Todd has multiple variations of these tricks and a huge trick / link bag………that makes me respect and vibe to his riding even more. Cool ,humble cat with some serious skills. ( both wheels ! ) Stoked to see this run of his @ Jam Circle . To me he still belongs in the pro class , though ! He’s got the skills for it STILL……

    • You’re the best, Rodney – Thank you for the kind words. Yes, the trick is a guillotine. Love the Radical Rick reference too. I thought this class was like a master class, which I feel like is where I really belong. It means a lot to hear your encouragement though. You made my day as usual!

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