The return of the Flatmattersonline exclusives with Pete Brandt!

To document, share and progress!

We are back doing the Flatmattersonline exclusive clips, and who better to start out with than San Francisco Flatland legend, Pete Brandt.
The whole idea, behind the FM exclusive clips is to push your own level. I have been out in SF for two weeks and watched Pete do Hitchiker dark side to halfpacker almost every go. So I said “Hey Pete, why didn’t you throw some hitchhiker turbines in there and make this line a little bit more tough for you?” Around 15 tries later, here we have Episode 1.

Pete is a savage!!

Who’s got the next clip, I’m putting this out to the flatland community?!!

Have you got a clip, maybe we can feature a clip of you on the site next week? Drop me a message and let’s get this rolling!!

25 thoughts on “The return of the Flatmattersonline exclusives with Pete Brandt!

  1. Yeeeeeeaaaaaah , Valance ! TIM DOG, I used to jam THAT cassette , TONS , back in fall of 1992 ….step ta me and I ll wax anybody are tried and true FLATLAND anthems , in my opinion !! Haha , WOW, thanks E / Brandt , SAVAGE / SEEEEEZZZIIED combo , NEW and ON THE FLY , indeed , TIMES 7. Thing that gets me is not just the Dark Side / hiker turbines……..but the fact that Pete had that friggin back packer , BIKE varial to hiker so damn DIALED that ya almost really forget just how difficult THAT transition is , and how theres like 5 cats that do that switch ………..even his brakeless Flap -Jack steam turbine @ 1.37 is QUICK , subtle , and an important technical detail to add to this SLLLLLLAAAAMMM DOZERED line . Im REALLY stoked on the RE-up ,combo of Brandts , and whats to come outta riders in the coming months with THIS column……..that’s BACK with a VENGENCE for personal PROGRESSION ………again…….STOKED as………………

  2. DAMN!!!! The living legend known as Pete Brandt just keeps getting better! Those hiker turbines were sooooooooo smooth. To think Pete can just tag that shit together upon request is mind melting! SICK to the power of G’DAMN!!!! What a heavy duty link. Its settled, this season for something new I’m now working on adding more turbines to a lil link that has a bw>fw hiker in it. Thanks E for doing what you do, and thanks to Pete for being a beast!! I’m pumped for weeks! Almost got a bunch of job juggling and massive home repairs/renos out of the way that along with the weather have kept me off the bike for months now. Tons of motivation with this new ammo. Can’t wait to bust. FLATMATTERS!

    • This is great to hear BZ, these clips are for everyone by the way. I’m inviting everyone to have a go, do the best you can do. Push yourself, you might feature on FM. Who’s got next?

  3. B.Z. , you get me STOKED with your positive energy / comment , TIMES 7 ……….lets YOU and I ……get NEXT in THIS , no joke , bruva……..theres a certain rolling variation of a crack packer that has loomed over my head since November 10 2002 . Its kinda a tough one for me to do , I honestly kinda AVOID it , during my sessions , hahaha……….BUT………AFTER seeing THIS clip of LEGEND Pete Brandt , and recently having a really , really good phone conversation with Terry Adams and Martti Kuoppa , Sunday morning @ 6.58 A.M. , haha….AND , Effraim BRINGING BACK …..THIS column…..Im actually hyped / motivated to CHASE this variation , put it in a lil line ! What do ya say, B.Z. , ya with me on THIS , campeon ?!! Lets DO this !!! Effraim , I think B.Z. , and I …………GOT NEXT …….hopefully , haha……………….This variation for me is a REAL pain in the ass , we ll see what comes of it……………

  4. WHY …….a CRACK PACKER variation ??!! PETE BRANDT……….INVENTED that trick , so my lil variation is in HONOR of him , his innovation , progression , and CONSTANT evolution of the sport . That cat is a TRUE lifer and pusher on his bike , has been since 1989 ! So my lil line will be to show him RESPECT . PETE BRANDT= LEADER…………me= FOLLOWER, hahaha……C, mon B.Z. , lets DO this ! FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM !!

    • Ok Rodney, I’m in! my garage spot was a disaster zone for a bit but I almost have it back in riding shape. Really not sure how long its going to take me to get more hiker turbines into the run I want to do. Guess its time to share the next detail, I ride counter clockwise as my dominant direction, the hiker combo is clockwise like the g-turn in this vid. This is the first time I filmed and edited my own riding. The vid was for a small freestyle riding clinic I was going to do in a bro’s community. It was to show how tricks relate and progress into different variations, and then into combos. The g turn is just my flatland A.D.D coming through.

        • yeah man. its rough on the rubbers and kinda bumpy, but I got to take the good with the bad when it comes to getting through the winter. The spot’s insulated, mostly dry, and I can’t get kicked out, so that equates to sanctuary where I’m at.

  5. DAMN , you RIP , B.Z. ! SLLLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMED kickless rocket turbines , laced up with some killer time machines, dope as. Digging this lil edit of you flowing ! STOKED , youre gonna go in with me on this one , I know it ll help me be a man……..and stop avoiding this trick variation , haha……..AGAIN , loving your style , bruva . Im always drawn , stoked , fascinated with riders who have a polar opposite riding style as me , AND ,that are ALSO above my skill level ! Watching riders like you , Akihiko Takahashi , Terry Adams ,Takahiro Ikeda , Bobby Burge , Benedict Zaragoza , etc ,etc……..really motivates / hypes me , TIMES 7………….

    • Thanks for the hyped positivity as always Rodney. lol I was even hesitant to post that link to the vid. I’m super self conscious of my riding and rarely get stuff on film ever. Your style of riding is sick bro, don’t ever down play that skill set. The moment I touch a brake lever I’m lying on the ground and have usually ripped an article of clothing. Brake work is a skill unto itself that when done with style it compliments the tricks, adds technicality and extends combos. Viki along with a bunch of the Japan cats come to mind for me when thinking about this. I’m not on social media. How can I exchange email addresses with you so we can share progress clips as we embark on this epic Brandt inspired quest? I don’t want to send anything to Big E until I have the combo and a smooth ride out recorded.

  6. AGAIN ! Your STYLE / RIDING , rips HARD , B.Z. ! What I wouldn’t give to have ANY kind of TURBINE / AGGRO style to my riding , haha……gracias for the props , bruva ! Honestly…….Im just trying to imitate older 1996-98ish riding of Jason Brown , R.I.P. , Andrew Arroyo , Adam Guild , Effraim Catlow , Nate Hanson , Ed Egawa , Eugene Collins , Chris Woodling , Andy Menz , Andrew Farris , Hollywood Steve , Steven Beugoron , etc ,etc ……I look up to TONS of riders , so I without even thinking about it……….emulate their older styles , haha. All this NEW school era riding that you and others do , is just insane to me ! The FLOW , DIFFICULTY , etc, etc…….I LOVE watching it , and get HYPED on it ! Take your time , B.Z. , my wack ass just got through with that crack packer line , and another clip . Im cant wait to see your EXCLUSIVE clip , campeon ! TURBINE styles in combos are so friggin RAD , and are just EYE CANDY to watch …..over and over……..AND over ……….

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