Throwback Thursdays: Flatland Manifesto #1 / 2001

Man, I miss Flatland Manifesto! Shane Neville put so much work into these flatland video magazines, if you missed these it really is worth your time to sit down, and take all this in.Thank you Shane! Issue 1 featured the La Revolution from Toronto, How to Pinky with Cory Stratychuk, ESPN B3 in Anaheim, California (this section rules!), Art Thomason Interview and more. So much good riding, 19 years ago. Wow!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: Flatland Manifesto #1 / 2001

  1. There are so many tricks, so many styles, so many techniques, so many riders.. And to think all those bikes way around 35lbs…yikes..So many Gem bangers in here..I have to keep rewinding and rewatching what I saw…Thanks for uploading…

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