Throwback Thursdays: Keisuke Tanigawa / Oita 2008

During this lockdown in particular, I have been digging through the Flatmattersonline archives more than ever for motivation during these hard times.
Keisuke Tanigawa is one of my favourite riders, I haven’t seen any footage in a minute. But nevertheless, this Oita edit from 2008 is full of gems and so much style.
Liquid flow and technical switches that deserves your attention if you missed it the first time round, the opposite switch foot hang 5 bar flip to spinning half hiker at 4:02 is flat out amazing!!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: Keisuke Tanigawa / Oita 2008

  1. Every handful of months or so I’ll look this up on YouTube since I first saw it. At over 6 years old it hit so damn hard that after watching it daily for a while, I’d still pull it up on a rainy/bad weather day or just randomly as a pre-sesh pump up vid. Now at 13 years its as if its even doper having stood the test of time! The all round ultra smooth flow that fully encompasses the pumping, rolling, scuff/foot work, and break work techniques makes it so easily watchable on many levels. I’m really curious about what his riding would look like today?

  2. I totally agree! I was blown away when I first saw it (I think it was the first time I saw Keisuke riding) and also whatch it again and again at least every few weeks. It does not get old at all. He is one of these few riders who could win a contest today with 13 years old riding (when he would be consistent). So impressive!

  3. You MUST be joking ?! 2008 ?! How in the actual hell did I miss THIS edit of him……..especially with all the countless hours I have spent digging , frantically searching for ANYTHING Flatland related …..edits , contest runs , V-logs , interviews , jams , etc ,etc……haha ! THIS hits ya over the head with technical difficulty , flowing style and extreme precision SO damn hard ……such a great mix of techniques . Kind of has a Takashi ito , Justin Miller , and 2004ish.. Viki Gomez vibe to these combos…….along with his very OWN twist on things ! MUST WATCH , haha……SUPER rad pick for T.T. , E !! Superb rider , TIMES 7……..

  4. @ 1.47 !! Wrist twist FULL bar / pivot whip to side packer …..W.T.H. ??! Doesn’t even catch to a side yard .( to scuff a lil bit to get stable . ) Straight to BOTH pegs !! I’m pretty damn sure this switch , transition is his . This entire edit is just FULL ON tech , wild style and lethal as hell……..2008 ??!! Whatever , haha………such a skilled rider , TIMES 7 . Type of rider that will make you ( me , haha ! ) comb the net for hours looking for all /any videos of his riding cause it’s so far ahead of the game !

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